“This virus alcohol is not to kill” – this phrase says the hero of Alexander galibina in the series of 2013 “to Survive”. On the screen – Moscow is the same as it is now deserted. The population evacuated. Corporation “Top” simulating a future where there is place only for healthy people, conducted a genetic experiment and spread the virus, developed by scientists Radomsko (starring Aleksandr Galibin). People have fever, red eyes. Someone who imagines himself to God, disposes: “the Internet, TV – all off to Moscow was silent. I want to.”

the Frightened people don’t understand what’s going on. And only a scientist galibina say: “I know those who are behind this”. Now too many are trying to explain what happened with us the machinations of those who are trying to rule the world.

With Galibina in isolation, we talked on the phone.

Amazing, but what was called a Thriller and fiction in 2013, has become our reality.

– Then it was impossible to imagine that seven years later we find ourselves in a similar situation. Removed empty Moscow on Tverskaya and bol and it was very cool. All blocked, people were asked not to go in the frame, go to the other side. Needed empty streets. I really enjoyed working on the serial “to Survive”. . Then it was something new and different with the zombies. We had a young team just starting out actors and intelligent young Directors – Dusan Gligorova, Alexander Boguslavsky, Andrey Komarov. Good, talented guys.

– Feel now the same feeling, like at the Playground?

– No, of course. I have no Association. Just an interesting coincidence. You never know what life’s intersections and Parallels to happen with pictures and roles. This does not mean that we foresee. I don’t think we were given some kind of sign. Yes, my character is a virologist, who created a germ, but he did not specifically did to release it to the world. Other people have done it. And he tried to find a means of preventing disaster.

– How the current epidemic spend the quarantine?

– our family outside the city. This has not happened, so much time we could spend together, especially with my older daughter Ksyusha and Junior Vasily, who is six years old. And indeed with the family. And this joy. What do I do? I have to run the film with the working title “Marusia”. We add the script, decided to bring it to perfection, since we got the opportunity to do that. Some things were destroyed, but brought something new. We all carefully polished. There are other work plans and ideas that I try to articulate that in the future they can be implemented.

Nachodas in isolation, you’ve got the audience award at the online festival “Double two@” for his film “Sister”.

We even received two awards. The jury also noted the work of our young actor Arslan Krymchanina. “SIS” has stirred the human heart. Despite such a small rental in Moscow, it went well in the regions that received human, and artistic resonance. The picture is unreal a lot of awards.

– Such an interesting guy your Arslan. You’ve heard what a touching and Mature speech he said, receiving the award? Said about the hard times. It’s quite small!

– a Good guy. We found when filming was less than a month. All the areas in Bashkortostan, checked all the children’s homes and schools – Russian and Bashkir. I went there once to see children in such a hopelessness! But when he came to Arslan, immediately realized that this is our hero, and no one else was looking. The producer and cameraman had some doubts: little, do not pull. He was six when he started acting. Although the parents were told that he was seven. Now eight.

– Why parents attributed the year?

We searched seven year old boy, and they wanted to give their son was shot. Everything about children in cinema – is not easy. Social protection powerful. A separate contract is negotiated with the parents shift hours when the child needs to eat. As a rule, they make concessions. If the child can work, then we shoot a little longer if something was not in time. But it is by appointment only. Unauthorized will not do anything.

Moms are always on the Playground?

I chase. Mom is always a pity. And on the set – rules. There are also hard scenes, where the child has to do some unusual things in life. Therefore, there are limits to parental care, although it is certainly important.

. Arslan is a debutant, and the second your young actress Mar Timofeev with the experience and will soon be going to Hollywood. How do you select children?

Definitely not answer this question. I’m looking for a hero according to your inner feelings. Everyone is doing it. Mar – already a professional actress, what helped us a lot. We wrote sometimes working doubles and they were part of the installation. Accumulate a lot of material in order to lay down what you need. Work with your child – difficult and laborious. It requires different relationships, such as with an adult actor. The child does not play anything. It is what it is, translates your feeling. He can play, say, the attitude of the mother when she writes letters instead of the father cheats the son for the sake of it is not missed. The child will not play it.

– And what do you do? Talk, explain?

– In the “Sister” and my previous the painting “Golden fish” we were rehearsing, so to speak. Repeated text, and talked on various topics, including those pertaining to war, human relations. I tried to explain to them what the reaction and feelings I need. A child need to be a bit of a psychologist to not cause injury. As we find common language. The most important – love and trust. If the child trusts you, you can’t cheat on him, false to him. He’ll feel. The child needs to trust you, but you tell him, too. Method of carrot and stick, nothing happens.

With the departure of Rolana Bykova we lost the note trust to the little man. The child comes into the world with personality, and he knew it. Rolan Antonovich was a great man, actor, Director, innovator of cinema. His “Aibolit 66” just blew up the cinema. There were so many discoveries. As in his other films – “Car, violin and blot the dog”, “Attention, turtle!”, “Scarecrow”. Child is much, perhaps even more than a professional actor. But it takes a very long time, you need patience and the ability to wait.

– Remember Misha Filipchuk of “the Thief” Pavel chuhraja”? What a talented child was. Visited the film at the Oscars, but the actor did not. Lives in San Francisco, works in a computer firm.

– this Path is not guided by anyone. Maybe he didn’t have to become an artist. But with our already ten-year-old Martha Timofeeva has signed a contract to work in the popular American TV series “Secret society Mr. Benedict”. Now she will not be able to appear in our “Marusya”.

life in the quarantine continues, but people leave. Because of the coronavirus died Director Ivan Shchegolev. You also starred in his TV series “Morozov”? Series production like millstones. A person has no ability to save himself.

Sad news. And the doctors leave. They are real heroes. I’m impressed. A series requires strength. There’s a monstrous development. There are soap operas, where output is 17 minutes per day, maybe more. This is such a flow! I remember that Ivan was very cool. If you go to your job to the maximum, and he did just that, invested one hundred percent, it is work wear. And sleepless nights are undermining health. And in the morning have to go to the site and to work with artists, spent physically and mentally.

– are you in the near future will deal exclusively with “Marusya”? As without acting?

– Collapsed all that was planned. I don’t know when it will be possible to realize all plans and ideas. Nothing depends on us. When all will be restored is a mystery. But I still make plans. It is necessary and in the theater to do something. Any suggestions and ideas. The coals are hot, but it is necessary to wait, when will it all end.

– “to Survive”?

Well, no, I don’t think that the survival after. It just kind of stops. Coronavirus – like warning to humanity, a strong sign that you need to properly handle each. I’m not talking about the country. So deep swings. This stop, as any disease associated with fever and lying in bed, gives the command “Stop!”. I look at it as a chance to think, to change something in yourself for the better. Of course, the situation today is very alarming and scary. It is necessary to understand it correctly.

– unfortunately, mankind learns nothing.

– Most people, I think, thinking about it. I think we shall all be changed. In this pause to be hard, but we must look for a positive side. My parents survived the war, the blockade. God forbid it to ever happen again. I had no grandmothers or grandfathers. All died. But still, when mom and dad talked about the war, she remembered a lot of good. People talked, lived, had children. My “little Sister”- about it, too. It was a lot of light, moments of happiness, despite the fact that everything rattled, and the whole country was experiencing trouble. It’s very important. Not have to sit and wait for the infection to swallow us. It is necessary to struggle. To survive you can only find in the most difficult situations something good for yourself and the people. The only way to survive, but “survive”. Is wrong.

– Many fall into depression, and young people.

the Despair is a great sin. It is necessary to prohibit ourselves to be discouraged. It’s not easy, of course. Smile, gentlemen, smile – as taught to us by our classic Gorin. Everything happens in life. Not bad but should be spread out and good, find it in yourself using the inability. This is very important today. I try so hard to live. It is impossible to live all the time disease. Of course, I also inhibits what is happening, but will live and not give up.