As a rule, most often you can hear the explosions of smartphones, but the explosions headphone is still not reported. At this time one of AirPods headphones exploded directly in the ear of the owner.

In Chinese social network Weibo reported that one of the AirPods headphones exploded during a call. As a result, 23-year-old Zheng Tang received injuries in his right ear.

The medical report of the hospital of Zhengzhou University confirmed the rupture of the skin of the anterior wall of the right auditory canal, and hearing loss. The boy’s condition improved after two days of treatment anti-inflammatory drugs, but nevertheless the victim is still experiencing pain.

As for the wearable device, the AirPods signs of charring was not observed, and only had a noticeable crack. Your headphone Zheng Tang purchased in the official Apple store for 1276 yuan ($180).

The device was sent to the manufacturer for further investigation. If it is determined that the product has quality problems, the victim will be compensated.