Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece

After breaking up with 32-year-old Paul Priluchny 31-year-old Agata muceniece started his own YouTube show called “fair divorce”, which invites other famous people, survived a bad breakup, and shares his emotions about this difficult period of his life.

the New heroine of the latest issue of her show became a psychic and the winner of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos. In her interview Agatha shared their emotions about their neslojnoe marriage with Priluchny, and also said that the ex-husband still declares his love to her.

So he says he still loves me! I think this does not happen. If you love, you fight for your love. Right?

— asked Victoria Agatha.

Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece

In response Raydos gave the actress some advice — do not be deceived with false hopes: she suggested that, most likely, Paul is speaking about her feelings, because he really loves her, but only as the mother of your children and the person with whom you have been married for almost nine years.

muceniece told clairvoyant, what still can’t forgive my ex-husband. Agatha was especially touched by his vow at the wedding that he could not restrain.

I Have plenty of reasons to feel resentment. For example, for the betrayal that happens now. He chose me and assured me that this is forever, and I believed. So, it’s a betrayal.

Agata muceniece

Victoria explained that, upon marriage, Paul sincerely believed in what he said and didn’t even allow the thought of parting, but over time things have changed.

Recall that recently in a press there was an information that the true reason for the separation of Agatha and Paul became his infidelity. According to the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Priluchny cheated on his wife not only with his current girlfriend, Miroslava Karpovich, but with a different actress — Julia Franz. Rumor has it that the star of the series “Major” met with two mistresses simultaneously, but soon, Franz found out that his life Karpovich and decided to end their relationship.

Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece with children

Agatha told earlier that the reason for her breakup with Paul was that he frequently abused alcohol and was violent towards her. 15 June marriage muceniece and Priluchnogo was officially terminated, and soon after in a press there were rumors about his affair with Miroslava Karpovich. They confirmed images of lovers with a vacation in the Crimea, where Paul also took with him two children.

Agata muceniece with children