The lawyer of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Igor Golovan, said that the attorney General’s office of Ukraine has opened four cases against his client by the statements of the former co-owner of PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky concerning the activities of the Bank.

Earlier the lawyer Kolomoisky Vladimir Lysenko said that the Pechersky district court of Kiev has obliged office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine to bring a case against Poroshenko, and also against the former head of National Bank Valeria Gontareva and Deputy Catherine Rozhkova because of possible illegal actions in the nationalization of PrivatBank.

"On the application of an ordinary man by the name of Kolomoisky by the office of attorney General was was another four criminal case against Petro Poroshenko. Mr. Kolomoisky made the standard set. Of course, his statements refer to PrivatBank," said Golovan in the course of communication with journalists, which was broadcast by the Ukrainian "channel".

According to him, the new case against ex-President initiated due to the fact that Poroshenko, as President, allegedly interfered with the economic activities Privat, spread banking secrecy and legalized proceeds from crime. In addition, according to the lawyer, the police will check the possible abuse of Poroshenko’s authority. The Halavan said that the defense believes these cases are hopeless.

Earlier it was excited a number of criminal cases connected with Poroshenko. According to the public Prosecutor Irina Venediktova, 17 cases, involving the former head of state, started her predecessor Ruslan riaboshapka, four more were excited by it. The head of group of investigators in cases involving Poroshenko, Oleg Koretsky stated that, in his opinion, about 80% of such cases are hopeless and should be closed.

At the end of 2016, the Ukrainian government nationalized the country’s largest private Bank, the main shareholder of which was Kolomoisky. The Ministry of Finance became the owner of 100% of PrivatBank. Government nationalized Bank for allegedly removing his former leadership of large sums of under the pretext of loans to affiliated companies.

A court in Kiev in April of 2019 declared illegal nationalization of PrivatBank and void the contract of purchase and sale of the Bank. The decision was made at the suit Kolomoisky. The national Bank of Ukraine has appealed both decisions of the district administrative court of Kiev on illegality of the nationalization of PrivatBank. Cassational commercial court in the Supreme court of Ukraine suspended the process of the annulment of the nationalization of PrivatBank government before the final conclusion of the Supreme court.