For the third week in a row, a surprising exit in the ‘The mole’: She (46) may need to exit the game. They are fixed on a single individual. That is, they had better not be made aware of the Duffelse.

She had the red screen you see it coming, she admits. “I just felt it’s just. I took the survey too quickly completed. I have had my molboekje not been studied.” (continue reading below image)

Alina, She and Christian are in the underground of the city. Photo: a Four –

The mother-of-three thinks they know what’s on her genekt to. “I’m spending all my money on one horse to bet on. That which is wrong. I thought to myself: now, If I’m right about it, I’m sure my mole and I will go to the finals . The pasvragen for three of the candidates have played a major role in this. I had a feeling that I will have to take a risk, because of Salim, Dorien, and Bart, had a tough edge.”

the final order of the fourth and final installment to the elected Salim and Dorien pasvragen for itself over money in the groepspot. They were to find out which four of their five opponents to get off a plane and were to the right. She spread it out on an agreement with Bart, who, in return, to get the correct answer and announced the winnings.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have to negotiate with the pasvragen,” says She. “Salim, Dorien, and Bart, does it have to just be smart.” (continue reading below image)
She (second from left) and co. you hear that, Bart (on the right) it’s a deal, has thrown in with Salim and Dorien. Photo: the Four

at The end of the She was a surprise, because many people had her on their verdachtenlijstje are. Really, though, who looks in her direction, and was the management assistant. “My colleagues called me ” the workplace is rapidly in Our mole. I was not intentional, suspected to be created. I just wanted to be myself, although I realize that this may not be the best tactic it was.”

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