first discovered a large source COVID-19, the second grew Covina statistics, and the city – the people are to blame. Not tailgating. The authorities of regions again show a return to isolation is possible at any time, if people break the rules and start to grow the number of infected people.

Here and in Sverdlovsk region the mitigation fully and the day did not last. Some measures had to be postponed for at least a week. In the logistics company which delivers the goods to 632 shopping “Red and white”, there was a large outbreak of coronavirus, said the Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev on his page in Instagram.

Just a few days ago he announced a partial exit from isolation: the opening of summer cafes and shopping centers. But just as the trade and planted a mine under the plans. According to Rospotrebnadzor, the new infection was diagnosed in 136 of the warehouse staff trading network. Tested little more than a quarter of the team, but only in the warehouse employs 800 people. The testing continues. “We believe the situation is now under control. And full inventory closing not necessary”, – explained the “RG” the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, the official representative of Department Anna Ozhiganova.

nonetheless, the case played a decisive role in making government decisions on lifting restrictions. Base to exit the isolation is the prevalence of infection in the region, which shows how many people infect one patient. It must be either equal to one or less. It was such a factor in the region before the outbreak in the warehouse. Now he’s exceeded the limit.

But individual concessions of power still went to residents yesterday allowed a walk in the Park and visits to clinics, dentists, and other medical institutions. The rest will have to wait.

And in the Saratov region have left it. Here again forbade walking and outdoor sports even at two and distancing. This joy lasted only a week. But, alas, the rate of growth COVID-19 in the region of 7.5% a day (for the country is 3.9).

“This is not a good symptom. I would not want to tighten up, but it’s forced. Residents should be patient and wait for the stabilization of the situation”, – said the Chairman of the Saratov government, Alexander Strelyukhin.

the region has already recorded the 1871 case of coronavirus, only last night, the infection was confirmed at 177. COVID-19 confirmed-including a six-month child, who died from pneumonia.

the Kaliningrad situation Coveney statistics of these troubles is. And that did not happen, the city authorities have taken preventive measures.

the Season of fountains in Kaliningrad was opened on may 12, but it lasted only four days. In the mayor��Yu received signals on the crowds of people who gathered around fountains. The townspeople who came to admire the water show, have not kept half meter distance, many did not wear masks.

Special excitement was caused by the launch of light and music fountain in Exchange square on Leninsky Prospekt. To avoid Kaliningradians at risk of Contracting coronavirus, all city fountains are turned off. The exact date of the resumption of the season in the city administration found it difficult to name. It will depend on the epidemiological situation in the region. Probably, the fountains will earn, when the area is officially allowed to conduct mass events. While the ban on gatherings, including sporting and cultural, valid until may 31.

At the same time, in the Kaliningrad region continues to operate the abolition of compulsory isolation for all but the elderly and those with chronic disease. May 12, in the region of opened shopping centers and beauty salons. Dynamics of cases COVID-19 helped to soften the regime of self-isolation. When the decision was made, the daily gains did not exceed five percent of the total number of patients, did not change the situation and by mid-may.

However, to continue to contain the spread of infection in the region has tightened the mask mode. Since may 14, Kaliningraders must wear masks not only in rooms and in public transport, but also on the street.