the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgal taken to Moscow, where he will face investigations. Chinovniki regional government hiding, but the people of the region support your Chapter and attend rallies. The protest region, to Express their “Fe” Moscow in September 2018, threatens to permanently become the opposition. That will lead to the arrest of the popular Governor, “MK” the expert explained.

On the Governor in Instagram posted a video of his detention. To arrest one Furgala arrived at least 10 armed security forces. They snapped at the Governor, when he sits in his car, three of them put him in handcuffs, and two men, apparently embarrassed to explain to the Governor what was going on. About five people do the same with its driver. Neither the driver of the Governor, neither he not have the resistance…For a few hours, the post gathered more than ten thousand comments with words of support. People are willing to go to rallies demanding the release of the Governor, maintaining their office. Many write that they knew about these crimes when they voted for the Furgala, but justify it by the fact that most “out of the dashing 90’s snout in feathers”. “Why is all this not revealed before? Where was the FSB, when it was appointed, and even made his candidacy? Give us Furgala!” – require people in social networks.

In conversation with experts it became clear that the reasons for detention Furgala could be set. But one thing is clear – the region is doomed to the protest phase.

Alexander Kynev, a political scientist:

– Popular Governor detained on allegations that resemble other case against the far Eastern and Siberian politicians – well, it’s not from a great mind. It is quite clear how we cook things based on “evidence” received from someone of the prisoners. All this has become a classic of the genre. Furgala have high support in the region and it is not going anywhere. Moreover, now it will become a lifelong hero in the region. The reasons for his detention are very simple. After the Federal center was weak amid fight the virus and strengthen the governors required symbolic gestures showing the extent of the possession of power resource. Need acts of intimidation to restore the status quo. The center shows that the power is still there, he is the boss and his orders here. The opposition governors for that fit best. If you touch “their”, then there will be issues of redistribution of influence within the Federal elite, and the opposition and so they have tooth, but still they are elected “in spite of”. As the price for the transition region in the protest phase, and not only in Khabarovsk. The entire far East to positively look at it can’t. Yes, someone��about to be appointed Governor, but the Khabarovsk region will turn into a long-term problem. Any appointment will be cause rejection.

Ildus Yarulin, head of the Khabarovsk branch of the Russian society of political scientists

– the Reasons for detention Furgala can be a lot. But the charges against him, in my opinion, is not the cause but the reason. Here you need to know that the said Nicholas Mistryukov. But to say subject can be, when we see the decree of the President that the Governor dismissed, and most importantly – with what formulation. I would not link this situation with the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, where the region showed the highest turnout. Furgal maximize their personal and administrative resources, showing the best results that are possible. Even Shport, if I were a Governor would not be able to improve these figures. There are moments associated with the liberal democratic party. Vladimir Zhirinovsky already 74 years old, and had information that a potential mate can be Furgal. He is a successful popular Governor and potential contender for those wishing to take the place of Zhirinovsky. And it is most convenient to eliminate the opponent on distant approaches. Another reason can be the fall elections in the Jewish Autonomous region and Kamchatka. The situation with Forgalom may be a signal for the liberal democratic party, so they do not get involved in this campaign and sedan protests. Perhaps the sweep Russia’s vast territory from potential rivals of “United Russia” will begin with the Far East. And with the envoy of the Governor was not on the best of terms. Trutnev now also cleans its own field: in the Federal district should be the only ones, or reconcile with him their policies. But if here will be sent to the Vikings, it will be extremely difficult. This is only possible if it is General from the security forces. General MOE, who was put in Irkutsk there is nothing I can do. Here respect, or power, or belonging to “their”.

Abbas Gallyamov, the analyst:

the Arrest Furgala is primarily associated with the Kremlin’s desire to protect his henchmen on starting now gubernatorial election. Potential competitors need to understand that even if they win, nothing good is waiting for them. According to the plan of the authorities, after such a signal they need to dismantle any activity, limiting the role of extras. In terms of the growth of protest moods is essential to the victory of the government candidate. Secondly, the arrest Furgala is a signal to all governors that “coronavirus federalism” is over and they don’t need to dream to keep some portion received in the spring of authority. Must be returned to their center safely.

Paul Nalivaiko, a political scientist from Vladivostok:

– If as in the��be the fact that this business for 15 years, you might get the impression that it is politically motivated. It should be understood that in 2018 Furgal came not quite a matched candidate for the position of Governor of the Khabarovsk territory. He attracted attention to the region of all structures, including the use of force, which also drew attention to criminal cases, not investigated for one reason or another. They investigate and find new circumstances that we are now witnessing. I have a similar story in 2016 when arrested Igor Pushkarev. He was also arrested in the case, which had a five year old. This is not the case, such case already happened.

Another issue is that in two years, besides populism and flirting with the population we saw nothing. Just yesterday there was a report of the Governor and was not provided any coherent program of development of the Khabarovsk territory. The work is conducted solely on the situation and agenda at the expense of patching holes. It is unlikely he will remain at his post. It is expected the decree of the President about the loss of confidence will be assigned to acting. In my opinion, it would be logical appearance of a person from the outside, from another region, not the party. This would focus on the work and development of the region. By and large, all previous years, the region has been stuck in place.