A 4-ounce bar Cilantro Soap is $8

Cilantro might taste like soap to some, but there is now a soap made from the real herb.

On Thursday, Chipotle launched Cilantro soap. Fans can purchase it on the Chipotle Goods merchandise site.

Chipotle created the soap after the chain of restaurants posted an image of a Fake Cilantro Soap Package on Instagram August this year.

This was one of many social media posts that the restaurant chain has publishedin recent decades referencing the controversial herb. It is also an ingredient in Chipotle’s white and brown rice options.

According to Britannica A small portion of the population finds cilantro to taste like soap, and this is due to genetics.

“Our Cilantro Soap fits into a larger trend in turning digital moments into real-life experiences,” Chris Brandt (Chipotle’s chief market officer) stated in a statement. This fan-inspired gift is suitable for every Chipotle fan regardless of their position on the great cilantro debate.

According to the Chipotle Goods Website The company’s Cilantro Soap, which comes in a 4-ounce Bar – is now available. Only $8 It is made from saponified oils such as olive, flaxseed, flaxseed, and shea as well as coriander essential oils and chlorella powder.

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Other than the Cilantro soap, Chipotle also introduced new merchandise on Thursday. This included new apparel in its Avocado Dye Line, as well as new “Dad Hats”, and beanies.