“Package Gate 2021” was a pleasant surprise for a local hospital for children.

Here’s a prime way to pay it forward.

Amazon packages were delivered incorrectly to Buffalo, New York. Jillian Cannan was rerouted to deliver the package for a good cause: DIY face mask kits for children at local hospitals. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is still required during COVID-19.

Cannan was sent more than 100 face mask cups to cover the face coverings she claimed she had not ordered in a June Facebook post. When Cannan contacted Amazon about her delivery issues, the e-commerce giant informed her that the packages did not need to be returned. So Cannan, who is a small-business owner, decided to get creative with what she calls “Package Gate 2020.”

“I am a mother of four children and have had many hospital stays. I remember that one hospital gave us a craft and I loved that idea,” Cannan said to FOX News.

She said that the brackets for [face mask] are difficult to use beyond their intended purpose, so she created a DIY-yourself mask kit. “Kids still need to wear masks at hospitals.”

Cannan approached Amazon to ask if they would donate art supplies to make the mask kits. They agreed to do so. FOX News did not respond immediately to a FOX News inquiry. However, Cannan shared a Facebook post in which Amazon thanked Cannan and said that it was glad to work with her. __S.11__

Amazon just informed me yesterday (Wednesday) that they had been able to fulfill the supply list that we need to put together the children. Cannan stated that everything is in motion and added that they will finalize the DIY kits once they have the supplies.

Cannan said to FOX that she accepts donations from companies and individuals interested in making face masks.

FOX News was informed by Amazon that the packages were not sent to the correct address. They also added: “We appreciate Ms. Cannan’s patience, creativity and understanding as we resolve the situation.”