the online platform #Mosqueteros launched by the municipal Committee for tourism, has published a Video dedicated space, architectural destinations, famous merchant families Vagankovsky hill and love stories of the city. For each outing provides a profile map of the route, photographs and information along the way attractions.

this Route will tell you about the space objects of the capital. It includes some of the large museums, a planetarium, an Observatory, monuments and sculptures. Walk along this route is a great way to explore the city in which they lived and worked, scientists-designers, ready to fly the first group of cosmonauts, and academic institutions was developed and continues to create spacecraft, conducted astronomical research and biomedical experiments.

a Hiking trail perfect for exploring the most striking architectural trends of the city. In the modern appearance of the capital can see the early Moscow architecture, Russian ornamental, Baroque, classicism, Empire, modern, avant-garde and constructivism.

Wishing to get involved with the families of Zamoskvorechye allow you to go on the route. Citizens learn what effect the representatives of the commercial elite of the country — Morozov, ryabushinskys, Bakhrushina, mammoth, Tretyakov, Soldatenkova and many others — had on the development of the capital.

to explore the Vagankovsky hill, where he kept his Treasury of Moscow princes, settled the noble people who worked in the history of the country, and also learn how to create a unique collection of works of art, to help the route.

For lovers of romance suitable walking marshrutu the city almost every monument and mansion has a history, first of all — love.

Routes are available on the website of mosqueteros.of the Russian Federation and directory guides MAPS.ME.

Online project #Mosqueteros appeared in March of this year. On his website you can go on virtual field trips, listen to lectures, to see theatrical performances, cooking shows and fashion shows. During operation, the portal was visited by about a million times. Has recently opened an English version of the project #Moscowwithyou.