Get Fit & Healthy for Longer period of time, and vervelingbij wiein quarantine, is, leading, potentially, to have more cocktails, food, online, shopping, gambling, and playing computer games. “He who by nature is prone to addiction, you must now be extra careful,” warn the experts. They can advise you on these dangerous leaders, to stand firm.

of Course, grows in any kind of addiction, from a combination of factors. Thus, for psychiatrists, it has agreed that, among other genes, the education, the psychological vulnerability, and impulsiveness, each have their role to play, as the consequences of a traumatic event, such as death of a loved one, redundancy or an accident, a trigger may be. But is this period of time, which a lot of people sit at home and ‘doing nothing’, and there’s no extra-large risk factor to it?

“be Careful, it is the message, according to the professor-psychiatrist, Geert Dom (University of Antwerp, belgium). “A lot of people, there’s a lot more emptiness and a lot less structure. Also, for those of you who are at home, telecommuting, and give werkroutine may have in the meantime gone to vacation mode, and it might be one o’clock in the afternoon already had a pre-dinner drink in the. Of course, it’s not an addiction, but for those who have plenty of time and fewer tasks will be, and anyway, what is ‘looser’ and less self-disciplined behaviour.”

be Sure when the elderly portion of the population would be lonely, that the emotions may be trying to work with drugs or alcohol no one of them can ‘catch’

Frieda Matthys

Social isolation

it’s more than that, extra time and potential boredom, professor of psychiatry enmedische’s psychology, Frieda Matthys (free university of brussels), affiliated with the department of psychiatry of the university hospital of Brussels, belgium, to the social isolation that a lot of people end up in. “Reducing the amount of social contact, which also means less social control. And of course, in the older part of the population would be lonely, that negative emotions can have a try to using drugs or alcohol and no one of them can ‘catch’. All the alcohol at the same time, the availability is currently somewhat more difficult to be located. The supermarkets are only dispensed is accessible, shops close early and the bars are closed. That may not be happy to slow down. Though a lot will depend on how long the lockdown will last.

a person, especially in a bar, for the sake of the company, and of the same speech — as a social drinker, then I can see if a person is not to switch on the thuisdrinken. However, if there is already a certain degree of alcoholafhankelijkheidbestond, and in the current situation, even weeks of time, there is a risk for some real verslavingsgevaar. But then again, there must be dusal a predisposition to it. A person who, before, little or no alcohol will touch you, will not plotsbeginnen to drink. The same is true for the majority of other addictions, such as a dining room or shopverslaving.”

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