The Corona-crisis is a triumph of digital technology: The Internet is a source of information and connection for work, streaming services provide a distraction, and computer games employ children who can barely in front of the door.

But this is not dangerous? This can be, says Prof. Bert te Wildt, chief physician of the Psychosomatic clinic of the monastery Dießen (Bavaria). But, even addiction experts, the positive aspects of network and co.

Digital media outweigh help just to survive the Corona of a crisis

“I have been involved professionally mainly with the negative consequences of the Internet,” says te Wildt. “I believe, however, that the Internet will experience these times of a absolute wedding, and hopefully mostly in a positive way.”

The rich from the Webcam call for eye contact to the loved one about Online education until the cooking Tutorial.

“We will hopefully be able to at some point say that the digital media have been a real blessing in a time of crisis.”

risks are increasing due to intensive use

However, the risks are on the rise as a result of the intensive use under special circumstances: “I am concerned that the number of Internet addicts will rise sharply,” says the expert.

living alone adults are at risk, for example. In men, te Wildt also sees the risk of a pornography Addiction. And in case of non-utilisation of young people a computer threatens to maybe a game or Social Media Addiction.

What can protect? “It is now more important than ever to discipline himself and to not let go completely,” says te Wildt.

This concerns not only the digital consumer, but also other areas of life – alcohol or tobacco consumption, for example.

“anyone Who starts now in negative habits and rituals crashing, no more will come out of it in the next few weeks and months, probably.”

Analog rituals

to help prevent the advises of the expert, positive–, and analog – to establish rituals.

Perhaps the first and last hour of the day can be complete without digital technology spend?

families can also unpack the Board games again. And, possibly, a fixed read-aloud hour, or a screen-free family dinner can be arrange. “It is now crucial to ask yourself what you want and what is a good for.”

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