the Spectator – in-chief in the theatre, and it is an axiom. However, for some artists of the scene so much more. It is a vital bridge to the society for actors with down syndrome in the inclusive theatre “Interaction”. In may, the children made for the premiere of her 6-th play – “BU”, but the coronavirus… damn it. About the need for social theater and how people with features not to be isolated after the quarantine, “MK” told the founder of the Margarita Rebecca.

the Theater “Interaction” is only 4 years, but in such a short space of time the company formed its backbone of the 14 people released 7 colorful performances and 2 of the documentary. Last year 30 children with down syndrome participated in 15 theatre shows, which were attended by more than 600 people. Impressive figures, but behind them lie much more serious achievements – overcoming fear, the ability to speak and move on stage, to perceive myself as an actor, not a “special child in the theatrical circle”. Walk difficult even under normal conditions. However, the new “Covina” reality dictates its own rules of engagement.

– Now all live in an atmosphere of uncertainty. We don’t know what will happen with our health, finances and work in the coming months. For our guys the project is not a high-profile PR events, and how we will emerge from this crisis, depends on their life in the future, – says Margarita Rebecca.

in Order not to lose the skills, the actors continue to rehearse in the Zoom conferences taking lessons, plastics and elocution teachers of the theatre school, as well as call for their performances in the online theatre.

– It’s very difficult to work with people with down syndrome. What is the most difficult in this process? – I asked Margaret Rebecca.

the Most difficult thing was to explain to them that if they want to participate in this, you should treat the matter like an adult, seriously. Discipline comes only with time. They are still children, although all graduated from schools and colleges. Plus the specifics of their features – a kind of immaturity, bears the imprint. Many are accustomed to this format: the “circle”, and I in him, the child. We began to explain that they are adult actors. They will demand, because we do professional theatre. I understand that their main motivation to come and hang out with friends: then try to remind them that all personal problems should be solved outside resala. One of the objectives of our communication is to find new ways of interaction. Because old schemes do not work. Do not think that you’re smarter than everyone..

Theatre – it is not their only job?

– Yes, we have guys who work in hotel “Hilton”. Someone has been playing football, swimming and passes the course of everyday life – cooking, washing. But basically it is the activity that provides the funds.

You’ve graduated from the theatre faculty of GITIS. Why inclusive theatre?

– And dancing in the ensemble of Igor Moiseev Years in 25 years I wondered, what is social responsibility. Then I went volunteers. Oksana Tereshchenko, who directs the theatre with actors with down syndrome, I was allowed to participate in their work as a choreographer. This was my first experience of intellectual volunteerism. So I realized that they are very charismatic. I saw them through the prism of fairy-tale and cinematic subjects, from disney parts. Then gathered his team. For 2 years we did the play “the Story of Cinderella”. Quite unexpectedly, the video recording reached the “Golden mask”. Then they included us in the long list of award 2018. After “Cinderella,” it seemed to me that all this may have for the longer term. So there was preromanticism idea to put on plays, to travel around the country and to acquaint the audience with the persons with special needs.

How to choose material for children?

– When we set up the theatre, beginning with a performance of “I dance”. We decided to take the lead role of the girl with no features and her eyes show a world of kids. It so happened that after the release of the project, I went on maternity leave and only worked as a supervisor. During this time we have grown their teachers. For example, Nastya Egorova, the actress of Theatre of Nations, made 2 work. In the “Endless conversations” that take place in the New space together with the actors of the Theatre of Nations, the guys say from the stage. She did the play “the Christmas Tree in the room” by the book Utenkova Elena Tikhonova. She is the mother of one of our actors Andrey Tikhonov. This book about him. There’s nothing about down syndrome, it’s about the child that is always with us.

what is the average time at the play?

– Usually put at least 3 months. Now we gain more strength to quickly release. In may were to play a new show – “BU”, but because of the pandemic, everything was moved, rehearsals were frozen and a release is planned for the new season.

theatre helps socialization?

– first, they learn to be in the team, and secondly, interact with different people that come from theatre practitioners. We have a lot of people: artists, makeup artists, choreographers, Directors. Plus it’s self-discipline. I’m sure they are more prepared for different situations because he trained himself to be a liability.

and here is the actress with the features of 22 – year-old Masha Bystrov. She recalls: “About the theater we were told one friend of the mother. Then Rita called me for an audition. Of course, it was scary – a lot of people n��ishli then on the sample. I was offered to try yourself in the role of a girl in one scene and then took the troupe”. Masha has become the main character of the documentary a lyrical Comedy “Eat the elephant”, written by Julia Safonovoj and Olesya Ovchinnikova.

– it shows how you are unable to go on stage during a performance. As it is now struggling with fear?

– it is Necessary to constantly work on ourselves. By his example, I want to show that fear is nothing terrible. Everybody is afraid of something. But we need to overcome it.

You practice a lot?

Two times a week for four hours.

Why teach theatre?

– to Be self-confident not to be afraid and to go for their goals.

what’s your current goal or dream?

– Not to stop. Sometimes I am lazy… it’s distracting. And in my spare time I like to knit and to paint painting by numbers.

do you Have a favorite actress?

I really like Nonna Grishaeva and Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk. It would be great to meet them and to learn something.