the First story was told to a leading actress of theatre, people’s artist of Russia Tatyana piletskaya.

a Terrible war has affected our family, – shares his memories of Tatiana Lvovna. – I remember very well the first day of the war. We lived in Leningrad. Dad went for the papers. Uses pale, with trembling lips, cries: “war, War!” Mother began to cry, began to shout: “Volodya!” My older brother he served as a firefighter while in the army in Tula. Of course, mom knew immediately that the young guys sent to the front. And so it was. And we never saw Volodya.

Preserved family photographs, postcards.

– We’re going to the front to destroy the enemy. Everyone’s mood is upbeat, combat. We will fight until complete victory. Fascism will be destroyed – wrote 19-year-old Volodya’s parents and sister on 30 June 1941.

Tatyana piletskaya shows the notification that the member Vladimir Urlaub went missing in August 1941. And then says:

– I remember the Victory Day. Nevsky was Packed with people. All went to the Palace square. Pressed against each other. Wept, embraced, kissed. Flew rockets. Heard the shots – but not from bombing, and in honor of the great Victory.

to take part in the project “Victory. One for all,” the theater turned to the audience:

– Share stories about their loved ones, photographs from the family album, with stories about people who heroically fought at the front or worked in the rear, about their exploits and adventures. This project will bring together different generations who share a common history and a shared victory, one for all. For while the living memory of the great Patriotic war heroes and their deeds, will live, and they.

Its history can be sent to the theater via e-mail marked “Victory”.