The 24-year-old ‘Little Women’ actor Florence Pugh raging against his fans on Instagram.

It happens after she on Monday shared a picture of his girlfriend, the actor Zach Braff.

He had a birthday, and to mark the occasion, shared she is a picture of him along with a small birthday greeting.

But it provoked anger among many of her fans. It writes the News.

the fact is that there are 21 years between the pair, and it seems her followers, too many years.

And it has got Florence Pugh to share a video, in which she finds out at the many fans, that has come with negative comments.

In the video she says among other things:

“on Monday, posted I a picture to celebrate Zach’s birthday. About eight minutes after I had posted the picture, was about 70 percent of comments were negative. It is purely and simply bullying,” she says and continues:

“do not tell me who I should love. I could never in life find that tell other people who they should love and not love. It is not your responsibility, and it has nothing with you to do,” raging actress.

And it is a clear affected Florence Pugh, you can see in the video, and she ends it by saying that they would very much like had to stop following her, if they did not agree:

“It’s embarrassing, and it is sad. I don’t know when it came into fashion, to bully others on the net. If the rules are not something you can respect, then you should very much like to stop following me. When In the bully, Zach, bully In me too. I will not have the kind of followers,” she concludes.

You can see the entire video including: