In the Russian youth theatre – mountain. The troupe lost its oldest, unique actor Juliana Balmasova. He did not live to see his 80th birthday the whole year. It ruined COVID.

Julien Balmasov is a unique case in film. In five pictures he played the role of Felix Dzerzhinsky – “Treasure of the Republic”, “Listen”, “Volley Aurora”, “On the same planet” and “Trust”. But the image of the Iron Felix, embodied actor, is not prevented (which rarely happens) to play other roles, though prominent Directors Sergei Bondarchuk, Andrei Konchalovsky, Konstantin Khudyakov, Mikhail Romm, Alexander Ptushko, and others.

But for all his success in movies and on television he was primarily a theatrical actor. In Ramta know all Julien S. not just a leading artist of the theater, but also the present standard of high service to art for several generations of actors. More than 100 roles played by the Master, became a living acting school and remained forever in the Golden Fund of the history of modern theatre. 58 years he worked there – he served in the Russian Youth (formerly the Central children’s) theatre, where he was adopted by a talented graduate of the Theatre school.Schepkin. Over the years he played about 100 roles from cameo to main. In 1985 Balmasova received the State prize of the RSFSR for the role of Javert in the play Les Miserables based on the novel by Victor Hugo (Dir. Alexei Borodin). His hero, gazing at people, “just as worthy to be one or the other side of the bars”, and behaving like a police dog, it was impossible to deny the greatness. His value system was reinforced by the true faith in its validity. Therefore, the suicide of Javert, the viewer perceived the tragic, forgiving, and even compassion for him. And King Lear in his performance in the eponymous play was powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Hathaway in “the Martian Chronicles” hit the depth of human loneliness and despair. And very different was his don Basilio in “the Barber of Seville” is a mischievous, cunning finding a way out of any difficult situation. Until recently, the actor appeared on the stage of Ramtha. In the play “the Cherry garden” it is with indescribable grace played Gayev, and the General kaleidoscope of odnakovo “Chekhov-GALA” (dir. A. Borodin) became the most colorful guest at the Chekhov “the Wedding”.