The way to Uni or to work, the bike ride to the nearest Café around the corner, the sports round with the friends in the Park – all things to which for the time being, it must be omitted.

But screwed by this combination of home office, Social Distancing and self-isolation, in addition to the social interactions, yet a thing considerably back: movement.

For the majority Who of Gym units, not necessarily on the kilometre-long Jogging, is switched, the lack of day-to-day many of the steps on the movement account.

movement supports the immune system

it is actually important to move right now a lot and be active in sports.

After all, strengthened the immune system and by the movement of the ceiling is not perhaps quite so fast on the head.

Besides the obvious things like daily Home Workouts and Yoga Flow, there are still some other habits that can bring a bit of momentum in the weary limbs.

1. When on the Phone,

go around In times of Social Distancing in the social media come as called. Instead of meeting in real life with friends and family, going on a date you just Skyping or Facetimen.

Who wants a little more movement in his isolated everyday life flow, you can use these appointments directly for a few rounds of walking through the apartment.

Here you can set a goal to stand for the entire time of the call, at least.

Because without a clearly more muscles are going to Go claimed as Sitting or Lying down. The body burns up to 50 percent more energy.

2. When brushing your teeth, small Exercises

Be nice, honest Smile, one should not lose even in these times, regular brushing of teeth should therefore be, of course, an integral part of the daily routine.

Those few minutes can benefit, however only the oral hygiene, but also for a little more movement to worry about.

As it would be to lift with a small round the calf? Simply turn, on the toes and the heels slowly back to the ground lowering.

3. Home office Standing

anyone Who can that is currently working from home on the Computer. You are sitting in front of the Laptop, you have hit the home office-Jackpot – whether in the living room, kitchen or might be from the bed, then that is no matter.

to bring a little more movement in the day, it may be worthwhile, however, from the bed or from the Sofa wegzubequemen.

Because the whole of the home office hours do not need to be zwigend spent Sitting or Lying down – at least, if you can move the workplace in a flexible manner.

The body is doing, it is good to spend a few hours just once in a place where you can stand. In addition, a bit of music, and the movement in the hips by themselves.

no Matter whether standing or not – put in all of 30 minutes, a short break in which you take a few minutes through your apartment go, you’re stretching or squats.

4. The legs also Sit to work

Sitting long hours is inevitable, you can still try to employ his muscles in this time a little bit.

A controlled bounce with the feet or pull the toes requires no great effort, stimulates the blood circulation to the legs is wonderful.

5. Important things further away

place no Matter whether you need certain materials for work, or just sitting on the Sofa and netflixt – things you need frequently can be at the other end of the room or in another room.

This can be in the first Moment, although annoying, but the get Up, Go and re-Sit down to write in the course of the day, so some of the points on the movement account.

6. Favorite music and dance as often as possible

whether it’s cooking, vacuuming or just lying Around – when your favorite music is playing, is the probability that it moves at least a little bit, much higher.

Boring household tasks like doing the dishes, hanging out the Laundry or Wipe – with the right music properly of momentum and make, dancing, running, much more fun.

A Bonus there is also at the top: The body in Dance Endorphone sets are free to move in a good mood and is, therefore, inevitable.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “Active, despite the self-isolation: 6 simple routines to move the home to” will be released by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.