On weekends, the staff of the Moscow library tell about the books, are worth paying attention to parents of children of different ages. Today shares tips Anastasia Akentyeva, chief librarian of the Central city children’s library named after A. P. Gaidar. Her choice — the modern literary fairy tale by Swedish writer Gunilla Ingves for the kids, biography of Claude Monet for older children and classic Italian children’s and youth literature for adolescents.

“Spring bears Bruno” Gunilla Ingves

“Spring bears Bruno” Swedish artist and writer Gunilla Ingves is part of a series of four books, each dedicated to one season. They are all good, but I recommend starting with books about spring. Now, when not going on a real walk, along with the main character, you can easily go on an imaginary journey. Bear Bruno-brown dog Lolly one morning, go outside and notice how spring has transformed the nature.

the Illustrations in soft watercolor tones deserve a special praise. Did the author herself. In each figure a lot of small parts that can be considered infinite. For little kids is a real adventure.

“Menu for the crocodile” by Fred Marcellino

you Want to smile? Then suggest a very humorous story about a crocodile-the aristocrat, invented and painted by the American Illustrator Fred Marcellino. It’s not quite normal? crocodile, and a descendant of the ancient Egyptian gods, offended by the barbaric actions of Napoleon Bonaparte! The crocodile had lunch and not bothering anyone, and he was suddenly kidnapped and brought to France. However, there was no prisoner, but a very friendly welcome, he even allowed to compile their own menu. How and why it happened — learn by reading this funny story in verse. Me, this funny and touching story did not leave indifferent.

“Royal affair” Natalia Savushkina

True detective for children. Almost a straight a student, first-grader Taya, who came for the summer to her grandmother in the village got into a fascinating history. Together with her friends, she needs to understand what a Royal matter and how this mysterious thing you need to do. But that’s not all. Before vacation, Tai has committed an act for which she was very ashamed, and she was going on vacation a lot to learn and understand about yourself. If you are looking for the child really good book with a lively plot and a good ending, it’s her!

by the Way, the author Nataliya Savushkina previously worked as the chief bibliographer of the Russian state children’s library, and she knows exactly what books like the little readers.

“Linnaeus in the garden of the artist” by Christina björk

Want to spend the day in the prered garden impressionist Claude Monet? Author Christina björk, the winner of the award of memory Astrid Lindgren, will give the opportunity. This is not necessarily to go to Paris or to the village of Giverny, where the artist lived, — just enough to open this book. Along with the main character girl Linnea you will see his paintings, walk through the places associated with his name. A great opportunity to teach your children about the art.

Very easy and interesting to write the biography of Monet. A nice bonus is a small help for the especially curious: the book shows the route to Giverny and advice on which museums it is better to visit if you ever manage to make such a journey. Many readers of our library after reading the book start to become interested in France and its culture.

“Listen to my heart” Bianchi Pitzorno

Bianca Pitzorno is a modern Italian writer, which has already become a classic of children’s literature. The heroes of her books — direct curious girls, have a lively and cheerful character, ready for any adventure and adventure, if only to find answers to their questions. And the issues they are concerned about the sometimes very complex and ambiguous, probably like many children their age — about 14 years.

These and heroine of the book “Listen to my heart”. This partly autobiographical novel in which the author talks about her high school time in the 1950s. Since that time, of course, much has changed in the education system, and how people began to relate to the different social problems. But the misunderstanding between parents and children was always there. So, I think many in this book recognise themselves and see their actions from the side is very useful. But despite the seriousness of these topics, the book is full of humor and funny stories. I like how in the main text of the story the author has included short essays on the sharp-tongued girl Prisca, the main character, who dreams to make this world a better place.

“Tree of lies”, Frances Harding

English writer Frances Harding combined in his book a fascinating detective and the mysterious, mystical history. First of all I was intrigued by the title and dark cover. The main character, extremely talented and has a sharp mind 14-year-old girl, faith, is trying to find his place among the members of his conservative family and also solve the mystery of the tree of lie, which is so much talked her father. Does it really exist? How it works? Forcing people to lie or is lying itself? Can a lie be salvation?

faith looking for answers to all these questions, understands themselves, their feelings and emotions, overcoming fears and goes against all odds to find the truth. This book is written in a wonderful language, and sujet�� captures from the very first pages! So I highly recommend it to all fans of unusual detective stories with elements of mystery and lovers of the English character.

More great books, proven by the readers of children’s libraries and their staff, — in a heading “the Advice of the librarian”