For this Easter, we want to deal exceptionally with animals, not with the Easter Bunny, but with bulls, bears, eagles, ostrich, and squirrel.

Who strolled times in the southern tip of Manhattan by Wall Street, which should not be lost on the terrifying bull, standing in front of the entrance to the New York stock exchange on the roadside. The sight of the iron sculpture would have to vote in a “bullish”. Bullish is one who believes in rising share prices. So who was in the last few years, bullish, has done many things right – at least until the middle of February.

The counterpart to the bear. You expect falling prices, and be called “bearish”. They were laughing in the last few years, a majority of. Also the to mid-February.

Why bull and bear? The two fight, the bear would try to press with its paws the head of the bull down. The COP would try to take the bear the horns, and hurl in the air. It’s like JASS: “Obenabe or Undenufe”. To say though would be that the origin of the terms is not cleared from the animal Kingdom completely.

the other day I read in the “NZZ” of eagles and ostriches. As Adler, the author of the article referred to those companies that have recognised the signs of the times and their business model based on sustainable criteria. The company, which the author referred to as the ostrich, continue as in the past, and will be the losers.

As the author of a certain Hubert Keller, Managing Partner at the Geneva private Bank Lombard Odier. So has written the basement that we have for decades, according to a growth model of life, based on always more consumption, the depletion of natural resources, and environmental and waste pollution. So it could not go further. Although this is not really new. But if this insight comes from the pen of a banker, it is nevertheless remarkable.

The squirrel on the English “squirrel” – is not met me in the stock market vocabulary. Maybe you could describe me as a “squirrelish”. To not starve in the Winter, put a squirrel in autumn, food depots. Nuts and seeds are buried at various locations in the vicinity of a tree. This would be tracked to a hiding place by an intruder and plundered, would the squirrel still other hiding places on the stock.

Also, investors should create various “hideouts”. Of a stock and a bond, and a third with precious metal, a fourth with property, plant and equipment and another with Cash. In the jargon they call this process diversification.

Well, in today’s time, one or the other to use toilet-paper hoarding, but that’s another story.