About 80 thousand people plan to pass the Unified state examination in the capital, of which 64 thousand — graduates of this year. They have already applied for participation. The first exams will take place July 3 — geography, literature, and Informatics. For the exam will admit only those who successfully passed the final essay (statement).

on 6 and 7 July graduates pass the exam on the Russian language, July 10 — on the core mathematics, July 13th in history and physics, July 16 — social studies and chemistry, July 20 — biology and the written part of the exam in foreign languages, 22 and 23 July will be held the oral examination in foreign languages. Basic math level this year will not take.

For members who for valid reasons cannot take the exam in July will be given an additional period of exams in August. August 3 will be held the exam in geography, literature, computer science, biology, history and oral parts of the exam in foreign languages, August 5 — in the Russian language, August 7 — social studies, chemistry, physics, core mathematics and the written part of the exam in foreign languages. Reserve day for exams in all subjects on the 8th August.

Schedules the primary and secondary periods is designed so that graduates have time to apply to universities.

Examinations will be held in paragraphs 382, 359 of them are open in schools, others in health care institutions and at home — for those who for health reasons cannot attend the exam at the school.

Before each exam and after the end of the room disinfect and ventilate. Until 30 June, all employees who will be involved in conducting the exam, pass the test for the coronavirus. This will affect 30 thousand people.

That was not crowded, the participants of the exam will be held in the building through different entrances. All information about these measures, the graduates will be sent by e-mail. There will also be organized Seating arrangements in a specific order. In addition, each paragraph of the examinations will be on duty paramedics.

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to Learn more about the Unified state examination can by phone: +7 (499) 653-94-50, social networks Moscow center of quality of education with the hashtag #ackage or by reference.