defrocked father Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) refusing to leave Sredneuralskaya convent, recorded a new video message. In it, he threatened the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill and President Vladimir Putin “full-scale spiritual war” and suggested that “to repent.”

Sergius invited Putin to give him the presidency, vowing in three days to “restore order in Russia.”

“for 20 years you were given time to show who rules Russia, – says Sergiy. – Fold their powers.”

followed not understandable for the ordinary citizen the phrase: “otherwise, you have been weighed and found wanting and thy days are numbered.”

According to Sergius, an unsanctioned rally in Khabarovsk are the “first swallow”, although the “swallows” have “throughout Russia live and even fly over the Kremlin.”

In his address read out on camera on paper, Serge talks about income levels in different countries and on the income of Russians, “the closing of the churches” in Russia and blasphemy , loans and housing.

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