Brezhnev came to Church and heard reverently in undisturbed silence: “Happy are you, Lenya…” Who could it refer to it? The Secretary General looked for. Not a soul around. And the rapping sounded again and again: “Happy are you, Lenya…”. Eyes accustomed to the dim Leonid Brezhnev realized that the voice comes from the crucified Christ. And rejoiced: the Son of God calls him happy… That is wise, lucky, fair ruler! “Why am I happy?” – wanted for sure to know the leader. “My hands are nailed,” replied Jesus.

Meant: otherwise I would have slapped the blows and cuffs.

I am the king or not king?

the Russian tsars (and enlightened, and medobrazovaniya, far-sighted and narrow-minded) was not — in contrast to the Soviet leaders, conscious traitors to their country. Monarchs head could not slip torganut interests of the state in the name of personal selfish purposes (or for the enrichment of his entourage), to sacrifice national wealth in favor of equity. Unwittingly sold Alaska, but that % increases to enter into a capital override territory of the Brest peace — is never reached. Could lack of talent to lose imposed on its own military war on Japan and to pay for the adventure of a painful indemnity but to purposely shoot compatriots in the camps — no, clinical mania Grandiosa in the destruction of fellow citizens in blagopoluchniy not nest. And trains export of the cultural values they must, even in nightmares, not delusional.

what is the reason for the striking differences from the crowns replaced dynastic succession of upstarts? That autocrats mother’s milk (not so important — German or some Italian-Greek-Byzantine Sophia Paleologue) absorbed the responsibility to the “electorate” felt petrochemisty, acernote, notoriety from the people who are called to lead. A morality unencumbered by the demons of the revolution of the drum cradle, where they were nekaris the midwives and the Patriarchal old men. Strangers in their own country and freaks in their families did not perceive themselves at least to a small degree involved in the fate and history of Russia, because he could make of her what you want.

what is known about the Bolshevik leaders, fully sheds light on their pathetic person. Small potatoes! In reference to Stalin seduces an underage girl (what is not Stavrogin, adjusted for golovkovo Big Brother), and in declining years, is living with a housekeeper, illiterate Chernenko rabid changes wives and extramarital sexual partners, knocks Brezhnev dominoes… Tasty eat and drink, arranging popusti famine or the siege of Leningrad, Topstitch denunciation, podmahivat hit list — it’s in their braice routine daily, for a sweet soul (although the soul is something just missing) they feed on human flesh, it is preferable pheasants, sturgeon. Formed and fostered by the serial, stamped type of cannicella his flock. This clique, a gang, a clan, not interspersed righteous, ranged itself, and the ways endlessly perpetrated cascade, shaft, marathon crimes.

Joining pokecollection era, we managed to improve the previous cranesnest.

Withdraw the last century

Smart man suggested that today’s Russia does not consider itself the successor of the socialist-Communist Utopia, and, deleting, by default, bypassing a century of misconceptions and massacres, to continue the countdown of Russian history pre-revolutionary (also not cloudless and perfect) time.

the Initiative has met with resistance. Dearer to us the era of space romance (and the world’s first cosmonaut), intertwined with a forced cure of dissidents in asylums.

What is patriotism?

What is patriotism? Slogans, statements, appeals (sometimes hysterical, but claims to be entitled to be incorruptible), under the guise of which sold, and are cut (and burned and not in a hurry to be extinguished) forests, poisoned the water, grew a unique and non-renewable natural landscape? Built base klyuchevye home for future generations? Turn away and cut off from education instead of throwing money on talantlivaya young shoots — poor, and Musee minority mocking and looking down on the impoverished majority?

Patriotism is the transformation (and without the lumpen) of the mass in the universal community of beggars, tormenting, torturing their children and are not able to give anything to them except slap, not by a single ejection, leaving anywhere their children? What is the moral level (or level of desperation) these objectors! Their army is growing. As well as the utter ease of others. And not a hypothetical clash with Asgardia not clear which side will prevail.


How to describe the state of society, which realized: wait for the best is not necessary?

That is the future hopeless?

what horse to bet, if no horses?

being pulled Into the mind flashed a chaotic, fragmentary, and sometimes panic enlightenment:

what begins Motherland? And where it starts and abandoned, unnecessary, deliberate orphans stepchildren — with smug extols the state? We managed to build a reductio ad absurdum of the totalitarian egalitarianism in the new phase did not understand what social resoluci – undisguised-oriented welfare units. Past Kapaa��esnie party (seemed all-powerful) bosses were able to attach children to a warm place, but no mansions or millions of savings to leave they could not. Whether it is the current easy grip leaders.

In this context it is already not strange to the absurd question: what is the difference Gaidar from Stalin and whether it – if human potential were interested in both only as suitable or unsuitable for the realization of the experience? But if these are comparable figures and methods of their rule?

the Borders of Russia struggled to close always (and in Pushkin’s time, and in the era of Alexander the Third), but now — amazing in sheet — turned up a coronavirus! The best manifested in the fact that in connection with the coronavirus all sit at home lawfully and are not recommended for gatherings, meetings, processions — which is extremely important on the eve of the re-22 April.

the Councillors correctly judged that they have the right to blackmail his employer, and denied the public claims on the ban of owning a property abroad. “We are honest, do not hide that we have it!” And if our honesty is not satisfied, let the dishonest vote as you need, we wash our hands. Do not want honest — no one will work in the Duma.

no shame

Try to look at yourself through the eyes of a third-party of mankind. And see interesting, full whether pathetic, or phantasmagoric Parallels and coincidences realistic painting – Repin? Shishkin? Ilya Glazunov?

Two unremarkable Russians are in a provincial English town, to admire the spire of the local Cathedral. Visit mysteriously criss-cross with the sudden poisoning at the fault of the former compatriot.

the Emissary, once declared in Russia wanted for murder (did it by Bicycle), went to Germany with documents where the photo was similar to what existed in the search warrant. Rolled up on the bike is the same, commits a murder of erring countryman.

earlier, going on in London polonium poisoning of the former and at fault.

And yet — an attempt in a Muslim country to another and at the fault of the former attempt disappeared into the Russian Embassy.

In a friendly Balkan country our diplomatic staff after a local resident for spying in our favor, the leader of the country is perplexed: “Why? What you don’t know about us? We’re friends”…

All the awkward, clumsy, anyhow, without a bit attempts to gracefully attempt to disguise the trail. Almost like an ice pick Trotsky. That shy and ceremony?

At the Russian mission in Argentina found bags of the drug, but not guilty, because there is no evidence: police switched glazirovanny powder mucoy. For the flour — do not judge.

Our diplomat in the US facilitates the issuance of American citizens of Russian passports. At the trial it appears that he is not himself, someone used his official computer, entered his office in his absence. Who would it be? A stranger? Imbued in a secure building a spy? Question murky.

Employee of the presidential Administration through Montenegro sheds in the United States, one of his former colleagues don’t care. Maybe he’s undercover, resident, according to legend-the cover-up who became a turncoat?

the List can be continued, it casts a shadow on the power.

Or what is happening — the disparate parts of a huge, incomprehensible to us, ordinary citizens, government charade? It involved puzzles-pawn: Skrypali, “moles”, cyclists, lovers of the Cathedral spires? Hard to believe that these unfortunate incidents are provoked and manipulated hostile to our country’s intelligence service.

the Cookie lady Nuland, which was treated to the Kiev Maidan, looks next to the bike and spires very cute.