you can Test and Purchase in this coronatijden concerns about the practices of some of the airlines that are intentional to the regulations in force, to violate, or who are guilty of dishonest commercial practice. This is the reason why the airline is in default, and demanding that they have the rights to be respected. This is what can happen, and that you, as a customer, have the right.

If a flight is cancelled, and the rules are clear: the passenger is entitled to a refund or a voucher. The choice lies with the customer. Airlines such as TAP air lines, Air France, KLM and Easyjet impose, however, a discount in the event of a cancellation of a flight, a practice which is in contradiction with the current European legislation. A Test Purchase, a letter of formal notice is sent, in which these companies have 8 days to get in shape .

some of the airlines, it is simply not possible to check whether or not they comply with the current relevant standards. On their website, however, you have a very specific framework for Covid-19 – you never mention the possibility of a refund in the event of a cancellation. This is particularly so in the case of Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and Easy Jet. A Test Purchase and sent them a letter and ask him / her to be transparent about this issue.

by Simon in November, the spokesman of the Test Purchases, “the financial support of the member states of the luchtvaartsectormaatschappijen as to enable them to fulfill their obligations to screen passengers who want to pay for it. As a reminder, airlines are not covered against insolvency, so that the passenger would be very risky for a voucher to be entered in the case of a new failure. We are calling on Belgium to make a specific warranty for these vouchers, which will encourage the passengers to get them to accept it”.

the Need for clarity

Unfortunately it provides a European regulation, not the flight will be carried out, in spite of the prohibition to leave the country. In such a case, the passenger, if the flight itself is cancelled, have been losing a lot of money. In this context, the airline companies, a practice has developed, where passengers on their flight, free of charge, so they can keep up, and only the difference in price between the original flight and the new flight and have to pay for it. There are, however, several practical difficulties. A lot of airlines demand that passengers prior to december 2020, to travel.

you can Test a Purchase, it is of the opinion that this period is too short as it is, and that’s a minimum of one year from the date of the originally booked flight.

Other airlines also require that the traveller will now have a new date control: this is the case for many people is practically impossible, for example, if the wedding is postponed and no new date has been set.

for a Refund or e-voucher

finally, it is to be different, passengers are also faced with the cancellation of their flight with their outbound flight was cancelled (or, or the other way around). In this case, there will be a Test Purchase, and that the two flights are cancelled should be considered and, thus, to be entitled to a refund or a voucher in the event that express permission to do so.

The consumer organization, the European Commission has sent a letter asking them to cases, which are not expressly provided for in the regulation on air passengers ‘ rights have been recognized, to clarify the situation. Test Purchasing suggests that it is precisely in times of crisis, as well as the passengers need to be protected through the use of a strong regulatory environment.
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