A specter is haunting Europe

When few days ago the Czech weekly Respekt, came out with an article in which the author demanded to put a guard on the Prague officials guilty of destruction of the monument to Marshal Konev, here, to be honest, few people paid attention to it. Serious readers have decided that in such an extravagant way, the magazine wanted to attract an audience and thereby improve their financial position, strongly shaken in a crisis. A passage about a mysterious killer, allegedly arrived from Moscow to assassinate the mayor of the district Prague 6 O. Kolář and even felt unworthy of serious issues.

Who knew, then, that an article in the weekly is just a link large-scale anti-Russian company, which is now deployed in the Czech Republic. In the next issue of the same journal, referring to its sources writes that three weeks ago at the airport Vaclav Havel arrived from Russia a citizen with a diplomatic passport and a potent poison ricin in a suitcase.

And then – according to the magazine – made by the Czech intelligence services? No, they did not apprehend a terrorist charge for customs or border control. And did not inform about the strange visitor, the Russian Ambassador: what if the passenger wanted to drop poison into his tea? They took custody of the headman O Kolář and the mayor of Prague Z. Griba. Why? The logic is as follows: the first was the initiator of the demolition of the monument to Konev, and the second fussed about the renaming of the square, which is the Russian Embassy – now she bears the name of Boris Nemtsov.

And so the tale of a mysterious killer with ricin in the suitcase sounded plausible, the magazine again published information about a group of Russian spies, the movement of which is marked on the grid. Apparently, those who (in Hollywood movies) must carry out the “cleansing.”

Next, as in such cases, psychological operations involved the other participants. And now, in the local press, comes another sensational news: the Minister of foreign Affairs Tomas Peter summoned the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic A. zmeevsky and severely threatened him: “If that happens with our politicians, then we will know where the Shoe pinches”.

Official representative of our Embassy in Prague in response to the question “RG” replied that the last meeting of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation with the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic took place on 9 April. That is, there is another “cranberry”.

moreover, just Minister Peter in interview to the newspaper “Hospodarske noviny” reported that the Czech Republic is ready to discuss the question of transfer of Russia of a monument to Marshal Konev and the readiness of the Prague comply with the obligations arising from the agreement with Russia on the preservation of war graves and memorials. “If one of the execution paths of these aboutbasetest will be talks with Russia about relocation of the sculpture on its territory, we are ready for it. It will be a matter of negotiation with partners, government representatives and colleagues in government,” – said the Minister.

just this positive news and does not fit into the anti-Russian company, which some forces seek to deploy in the Czech Republic.

do you Know what ended his another Russophobic article correspondent of the weekly Respekt? It is neither more nor less urged the government “to solve the issue of the expulsion of the Russian Ambassador and a large part of many of the Russian diplomatic corps, which pose a danger to the life of Czech citizens”.

it Seems, rushed the local authorities with the softening of quarantine measures. The virus continues its destructive work – now he switched to mental activity of journalists, politicians, as well as those who manipulated from behind the scenes.