Did you know? Jewelry is not just a woman’s business! In a lot of culture, jewelry is worn as much by women as by men, if not more by the latter. Among Christian clerics, men wore jewelry, but women taking orders were not allowed to wear it. In cultures older than antiquity, it was the chiefs of clans, men, who wore the most jewelry, and took it to their graves.

A man can wear all kinds of jewelry in the 21st century. Chains with pendant, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and the inevitable cufflinks that add a touch of class to a costume. A man can wear two, see three jewels at the same time, unlike his ancestor of the past century, but be careful not to overload the style. Let’s take a look around.

Men’s jewelry, how to choose?

First and foremost, choosing jewelry for men should be in accordance with the tastes and style of men. There’s nothing better than looking at his overall style and what he’s already wearing. Some men prefer jewelry made of precious metals or steel, others prefer materials such as leather, wood, in short, natural. See if the man has discreet tastes, or if, on the contrary, he unashamedly displays a very exuberant style.

In recent years, gold jewelry and cross pendants have become more and more fashionable. Design, modern, and very masculine, they have the advantage of being quite affordable. Another advantage: gold does not deteriorate over time!

Steel jewelry also fits with current men’s fashion, whether it is pendants or bracelets. They look great with costumes, whether you’re out and about, or every day at work. For those looking for a mix of more original materials, know that steel mixes very well with rubber, carbon, and leather necklaces, for pendants.

How about me?

I, personally, tend to prefer gold necklaces with pendants made of gold as well. And since I’m a pretty devout Christian, a flashy solid gold cross pendant is the one that best represents my personality! A 14K gold pendant is certainly a pretty affordable option. Although it is not expensive, it can give the impression of being both elegant and religious.

Now is the era where the Internet makes almost all of our business easier, including when we want to buy something. Thanks to the Internet, I no longer have to spend too much time going around from one jewelry store to another. I just had to go to a recommended online jewelry store, look at their catalog, and choose the one I liked.

I have looked at various sites selling jewelry online and found one the best of all. That is Applesofgold.com. On the site you can find a wide variety of pendants and other jewelry aimed specifically at men. Whatever your choice, you will find it. I have purchased my cross pendant and will not stop here. How about you? Are you also a man who wants to enhance your appearance with elegant jewelry?