Film, tv series or theatre, music and concerts, art, books, and games. The possibilities are many even if you should keep distance from other people. Just look here:

15 TV shows

TV SERIES you can watch from beginning to end.

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In a time where we are all encouraged to be very much at home, of course, is the TV series good company and a delicious opportunity for both relaxation and connection.

Filmpolitiet have put together a small tipsliste to those of you who need replenishment of quality entertainment now these days. 15 shows you can binge in hjemmekarantene.

3 world-renowned museums

the GUGGENHEIM in New York online.

Photo: Richard Drew / AP

Museums all over the world are closed, but it does not need to prevent you to experience some of the world’s foremost works of art.

The art critic Mona Pahle Bjerke recommend Paris, Rome, Madrid and New York. From the comfort of your couch.

5 legendary concerts

CONCERTS of legendary quality.


No one knows when we physically go to a concert again. The internet is full of amazing footage from some of the most legendary concerts.

have Fun with these five konsertfilmene while you wait.

7 mursteinsbøker

THICK BOOKS, you finally have the time to.

Photo: NRK

Some have got a better time of the day. Here you will get tips on good books that lasts a long time. Books you can take housing through the days and perhaps weeks. If you prefer the classics or the new novels?

Here are both books you can devour, and some to take on. 7 literary tjukkaser.

7 stand-up show

LAUGHTER and a little shock is what you can expect.

Photo: Scanpix/national theatre

Are you ready to laugh and maybe be a little shocked? Strømmetjenestene are laden with standup comedy.

We have picked up seven of your favorites, from verdensstjernen Dave Chapelle, to the more domestic Else Kåss Furuseth. These seven should you bring with you.

18 good children’s films

children’s movies of the best quality.


There can be long days for parents and children when both the kindergarten, school and leisure takes place at home with the family. At the same time has the offer to stream movies has never been greater.

The film experts have brought their very best tips from the archive to help you to choose. Here is the only roll of the dice 5 and 6-the movies!

10 plays

the THEATRE you can see or hear.

Photo: NRK

While the world waits on normal times, we’ve found the gems from the Radio and Fjernsynsteateret that can replace some of the performances that should have been on the teaterscenene. Eight are from fjernsynsteatret, while two are from radioteatret. Experience theatre without having to go in the theatre.

Here it is especially worth mentioning Semmelweis 1983, who suddenly became a very relevant drama. It’s simply about the importance of hand washing.

16 sceneopplevelser

TOP performing ARTS in the NRK TV.

Photo: Erik Berg

Norwegian intimkonserter or completely wonderful performances that have sold out scenes the world over. There is much “gold” for the culture in the NRK TV. Music, dance and acrobatics – here are 16 memorable experiences.

3 pandemifilmer

PANDEMIFILMER for you that is all.

Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros.

Pandemic movie “Contagion” has in recent weeks gained renewed relevance and popularity. The film critic gives you tips to the pandemic movies that may be worth seeing, and which you should steer away from. Simply a guide to choosing the right pandemifilmene.

More great games

HOURS OF long and deep gaming experiences.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Many people are maybe tired of Yatzy and card games. Digital games can be suitable for both large and small, and be completely fine activities for the whole family. Spillforsker at NTNU in Trondheim, Kristine Ask, recommend five games that can engage the whole family in the easter.

On her list, there is both quiz-varieties, and games that require cooperation.

Spillekspert Rune Fjeld Olsen from the Level Up has the following recommendations for those who really want to immerse themselves in computer gaming:

– This can be a good opportunity to really dive down into the large, long and deep single-player experiences like The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Death Stranding.

100 Norwegian songs

MUSIC for every taste.

Photo: Torstein Vegheim, NRK, Kim Erlandsen/NRK, Tom Øverlie/NRK

Korona-the situation affects all aspects of the Norwegian music. Therefore, we have compiled the music we love, on the cross of the Norwegian music scene. 20 NRK-employees recommend five favorites each. This article you can immerse yourself in for hours, and let your ear discover a sea of delicious Norwegian music.

4 digital performances

DIGITAL DANCE and theatre, you can see now.

Koronapandemien secure grip and the most dance – and teaterscener in Europe is closed. Here are four performances you can see the digital – something for everyone – european and Norwegian theater offers for a limited period of time.

Amounts of podkasttips: our latest updates right in øyret

Recommendation: Krimforfattarene their podkasttips to easter.

By Andrea Kvamme Garden 100 podcast-tips

It is easy to get lost in the ever-growing granskogen of podkastar. Here you get a kresent selection from some of The podkastentusiastar.

By Ole Kristian Årdal Mikkel Niva podcast-tips

Mikkel Niva creates Norway’s largest podcast “Friminutt” together with Herman Flesvig. Here is his own three of the top podcast-tips.

By Andrea Kvamme Hagen American favorittar

In the podcast, “up to Date” gives Ragna Nordenborg you what you need to understand the headlines. Himself hear her stories about american society.

By Andrea Kvamme Hagen