A Russian tourist who travels a lot around the country ventured to eat with his family at a fake McDonald’s in the Crimea and told about his impressions. The man shared his experience in a personal blog on the Yandex. Zen platform.

According to the author, the institution is located in Simferopol and its assortment completely copies the menu of the usual fast food restaurant. “The only difference is the name of the local burgers and the absence of the usual logo. Instead of the classic yellow letter ” M “on a red background, all the packages had some kind of incomprehensible emblem,” the tourist described.

He noted that he wanted to order a famous burger “Big Tasty” for lunch, but in this cafe it was called “Auto Grill”, and his wife and son took a cheeseburger, French fries, chicken nuggets and salad. “In general, all this is also available in an ordinary McDonald’s, only the prices were higher at the resort. We gave about 800 rubles for our lunch, ” the blogger said.

In addition, he noticed that the Crimean institution served chebureks, since they are in demand on the peninsula, as well as beer.

In conclusion, the tourist explained that earlier a real McDonald’s really worked in this room, but in 2014 it was closed due to sanctions.

In May, a traveler ventured to have lunch in one of the roadside city canteens in Sochi, which came across him on the way and told about his impressions. The traveler specified that the institution was “far from civilization”, and there were very few visitors in it. The blogger separately stressed that he was amused by the interior.