Paul is the main profession of an electrician who works in the Wellness centre of a large plant, but eight years ago was fond of making different wood items. The first was the bowl from a mulberry tree, then boxes, plates, Souvenirs from poplar, elm, ash. Materials from Astarkhan literally gathered on the street in the course were the logs left over after tree trimming city services.

– Once to our center came Vasily Lanovoy, he has performed with reading Pushkin’s “Snowstorm,” recalls Paul. And I had in mind: it is necessary to surprise. Pass by Astrakhan Kremlin, and there is a communal sawing acacia. Ask: “May I?” Say: “Take It!” Acacia was a ripe old age, I have the rings counted no less than 85 years old and thought, it is symbolic to give Lanovoi box of this tree. Did came on stage and presented. He was very surprised, shook his hand and said thank you.

the First lathe Paul did with his own hands from parts of the item of metallopoiska. “Over there, near the column was a pile of iron, and I collected about a year and a half”-Paul nods his head to the side. Workshop he also built himself: contained between a chicken coop and a barn shop with floor to ceiling Windows to light and warm it was.

Stuffed his hand in the bowls, Paul embarked hats: the first cowboy, he made elm: turned on the machine and put it on two days to give cowboy form in a special matrix, also homemade two metal panels on the sides, under brim and a round die-the load at the crown. Then sanded and varnished. Accessory turned out just like out of a Western.

I’m the only one in Russia who dared to make a wooden hat, ‘ laughs Paul, and no video of international artists who can be counted on the fingers, explains the secrets of mastery. So I learned all the details himself, for hours for the machine delved into the whole story. For example, I realized that hats better to do of poplar and ash: they are less dense and more amenable to turning to fine arts. But one secret I finally saw how to measure the thickness of the wood. From the opposite side, put a regular Desk lamp and watch as the ray begins to Shine through, so ready. The weakest point of the hat – bending, if it is wrong to calculate the thickness, you can accidentally cut the field, but I have never been wrong.

Accessories Paul gives his friends, because for him it is a hobby that brings joy. When Astrakhan imposed self-isolation, for Paul’s not having problems on what to do. Every day he spends in his shop. Plans now to learn how to make a wooden baseball cap. According to Paul, is the top skill of the Turner tree.

Fabric again and laid down, says Paul, showing the first not quite a good copy. And hardwood need to be able to create a perfect sphere it is for the holove to look. Here’s how to do it? Still need to work on yourself.

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