The pastor gave up religious activities, and then got rich by selling candid pictures on the Internet and working in a strip club. The corresponding story is published by the Daily Star.

A resident of California, Nicole Mitchell, has worked in the church for a long time. The woman did not specify the reason why she decided to radically change her occupation, but noted that after that her life became much freer and happier. The changes, according to her, were facilitated by new hobbies — striptease and selling photos in a semi-naked form on the OnlyFans platform, whose users get access to content for a fee.

According to the publication, Mitchell earns from 30 to 100 thousand dollars a month (from 2.1 to 7.3 million rubles). “Now I live in a house for a million dollars (73 million rubles) and constantly travel. I don’t deny my three children anything anymore. My work brings me joy and wealth, ” the American stressed.

In addition, the heroine of the material maintains a blog on Instagram, to which 190 thousand people have subscribed.

In August, a flight attendant quit her job and got rich selling naked photos. According to the material, 27-year-old Amanda Sommer (Amanda Sommer) decided to quit her job as a flight attendant in 2020. According to her, after her dismissal, she began to have financial problems, and she decided to register on the OnlyFans platform, whose users get access to content for a fee. At the moment, Sommer earns 15 thousand pounds (1.5 million rubles) a month.