A punch in the gut Julia Parshuta barely escaped from the tyrant

Singer Julia Parshuta only now, on the background of General discussion on domestic violence, was able to publicly admit that for three years he lived with a man who beat her.

Nearly 10 years, she hid the story.

Once a girl fell in love. Her hero was handsome, strong, educated and intelligent. It beautifully looked after, and Julia was sure that this is for life.

The happiness ended quickly.

“the First time I persuaded myself to forgive him when he was kneeling at a fountain “Princess Turandot” on Old Arbat. My family was never physical. So I didn’t know that it is not treated wise words and gentle eyes. That it can not be forgive”, – she wrote.

Then it got worse.

“…was 3rd year, I was intimidated to the bone.
3rd year, as the veil of hopelessness was intense from his threats.
Because of threats not only to me.
Threats of “I’ll cut out your rod” and “you * * * if you call the police.”

Yes, only the third year the girl decided to run away.

“Then, in March 2013, a week after the appendectomy, on the street, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya I got a punch in the stomach without having “decorated” the seams of the operation. A punch in the gut from his men. I decided to run. Without the phone, handbag, car keys that he stole. He was very strong. Very.”

but Tomandatory support the girl, although many of them wonder, why did she so long endured the violence.

But Nastasya Samburski left a comment of a plan.

“the violence, Julia! Not about the slap in the face to shout in all throat, after the guy provoked a few hours, or years!” she wrote to the author of the recognition.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, Nastasya knows what he writes. At the time she also divorced her husband, actor Cyril Dievice, whom she married in 2017.

The reason the separation of the pair so far nobody knows: Samburski quietly divorced and did not give any comments on this subject.

According to some, Nastassja had also experienced domestic violence.

Publish PARSHUTA from JULIA (@parshoota) 25 APR 2020 9:11 PDT