Clinical psychologist Irina Khvingia said that chronic boredom can be fatal. All because a person loses interest in life. The specialist told how to prevent this condition.

Boredom refers to a state when a person is depressed, inactive and poorly interested in what is happening. This becomes a problem when a person is constantly in this state.

There have been studies by scientists who have proved that boredom is associated with early mortality. A lot of people participated in the long-term experiment, including people in a state of chronic boredom. Later, the cause of death of such people was somehow connected with their lifestyle. From this we can conclude that constant boredom can turn into depression and lead to a fatal outcome-Irina Khvingia, Neuropsychologist

The only way to cope with boredom is to start getting rid of its causes. If you can’t do it yourself, you can contact a specialist. If the case is not severe, you can go to a psychologist. If everything is running, go to a psychiatrist.

Irina added that the root cause of the formation of boredom is a large number of meaningless and useless activities.