In Knokke-Heist, belgium –

Normally, he’s very popular, but the YouTuber He is Of the Geuchte of Knokke-Heist, nickname Bunny in the Blogs – it caused over the weekend is also likely, with his latest creation. A short film showing the Geuchte how he was in the times of quarantine is going suppen and a motocross fanatic.

In the video, saying that the YouTuber is that he does not fully understand the ” on your side to stay. He cites, among others, the mental aspect of it. The Geuchte emphasized, however, that the images have been recorded for the last action of the federal government. Now, he would be the guidelines, just follow them. “There are dying people to commit suicide, or depression. People are unhappy right now. And that’s not the intention”, says, among other things. He used this example on its own. Because Of the Geuchte are a die-hard sailor is, he went down to the sea. “Because I feel that I am wasting if I don’t do it. And don’t want to do”, argues he, among other things. (read on below video)

It will also have motor-cross and in-line skating, but never in a large group. If the images were published on the recent federal action, it was not illegal. However, let the criticism is not a long time to come. “You are risking a fine,” sounds, among other things. Others are moons, for him to have to stay inside the house. Bunny Vlogs caught up in the past, among other things, in the media, as he was a suspected paedophile to see before. On YouTube, he has over 52,000 followers.