Kortrijk / Menen –

A man who was a boozer neerstak with a broken bottle, as whisky does not wish to share, has been sentenced to an effective sentence of 18 months. He was the first to be prosecuted for attempted murder, but it was toned down to an intentional assault and battery.

The police of the zone, Grensleie was on 25th of July of last year, there is a call for a stabbing in the centre of Menen. In front of a bus stop on the Old Leielaan was the officers blood, but it was not to be a victim. Around this same time, a heavily bleeding man’s pool in the emergency department of a hospital in the area. He was hit in the carotid artery, and was for a time in danger of death, but police were able to in the direction of the offender, send it in.

The defendant was soon arrested in the town of Asse. The two each had a bottle of alcohol, purchased it, and had to drink in the Feel. However, when the victim of the whisky by the defendant was about to drink, was hit by the last lift,” said the prosecutor. “He slammed the bottle is broken, and stuck out his boozer with a shard in his neck. After that, he fled the city.”

During the research it turned out that the man was not long after, another message was sent to the child’s best interests. It read: “You’ve got my mother’s money. For a time, but not twice.” The culprit was, since the 31st of July, in the cell, but it was at the beginning of this year, subject to conditions. His attorney asked for the charges from attempted murder to premeditated assault and battery. “It was a silly quarrel,” so he argued. “Both of them were seriously drunk. It was an unfortunate comment, because it is the victim him lastigviel, but it was, of course, much worse can happen.”

The City criminal court was on Monday, at the request and herkwalificeerde a charge for an intentional assault and battery. The defendant was sentenced to an effective sentence of 18 months and a fine of € 400.

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