Tajikistan stopped the export of electricity to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan due to the reduction of water in rivers. Such measures, as noted in the report of the government, necessary to avoid the country’s energy collapse in the autumn-winter period. Domestic consumption of electricity in Tajikistan is also first time in three years will be limited. The authorities of the Republic has called on citizens to “rational use” of electricity and asked them “to perceive the limitation of the right.”Environment in Tajikistan ahead of the international treaties of the period has stopped supplying electricity to neighbouring countries Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. It is reported TASS with reference to press Secretary of the state energy company “Barki Tojik” Nozir edgori. This decision, he said, was made “in connection with the reduction of country’s water resources for the production” of electricity. The appeal of the government to the people on Tuesday, the Tajik authorities said that the situation arose against the background of climate change. And said: “Autumn and winter 2019-2020, in the formation zone of the rivers Vakhsh and Panj rivers fell too little snow, which made up 50% of the volume of previous years.”The decision of Dushanbe has caused a surge of discontent among the citizens of Afghanistan. According to reports the Afghan news channel TOLOnews, in the last few days the Internet is gaining video views, which in 2016, the then President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani promises to build dams and expand the country’s ability to import electricity. Significantly the Afghan authorities in this direction has not moved, which caused a sharp reaction of the Afghans in the network. Today Afghanistan, according to local residents, is experiencing an energy crisis. “We have enough electricity for three hours, then it disappears,”— said a resident of Kabul Shirin Agha.As stated in the Afghan energy state-owned companies “Breshna Sherqat”, energy reserves Kabul, he hopes to fill thanks to the cooperation with Tashkent. In turn, the Uzbek authorities announced that they intend to compensate for the drop in import of electricity supplies from Turkmenistan to start limiting domestic consumption. “In order to stabilize this situation, the company in the framework of its powers signed an agreement on import of electricity with “Turkmenenergo””,— stated in the message Telegram-channel JSC “National electric networks of Uzbekistan”. According to the company, the sharp decline in exports from Tajikistan began on 16 July, and deliveries from Turkmenistan, accordingly, began on Tuesday.In Dushanbe too in one halt to exports are not going to stop. What is the volume of internal reductions of energy consumption in question is still unknown. Noted only that the restrictions will apply to all institutions, organizations, to��companies and enterprises irrespective of forms of ownership. All this, according to the authorities, it is necessary to reserve the water in the Nurek reservoir, hydroelectric power station which provides around 50% of all electricity generation in the country.The situation with water reserves in the country, according to the official statement of the government, this looks serious. At least this convinces the Tajiks, the country’s leadership, noting that “the situation in Tajikistan has arisen for the first time”. However, in the same statement, he said: restrictions on the provision of electricity to citizens was first fully lifted only in 2017, and in the first years of independence there have been periods when citizens get electricity only two hours a day. In addition, in the past few years, Tajik authorities have repeatedly reported a significant reduction in the volumes of water resources of rivers and low yields due to drought. Despite this, the government of Tajikistan remains optimistic. In recent years in the country and so “has made significant achievements in the energy sector”, reads the statement. In Dushanbe believe: “If we (the citizens of Tajikistan.— “B”) today, will efficiently consume electricity and in the reservoir to accumulate the necessary amount of water, you will be able without problems to overcome the winter”.Marina Kovalenko