On the stage of the now empty St. Petersburg club “Cosmonaut” musicians “the Secret” helped colleagues from the solo group Maxim Leonidov: guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and drummer. Began, of course, with energetic hits “the Heart of the Northern mountains”, “Hello”, “My love is on the fifth floor.” He sang on and on, but interest in the show was so great that the audience constantly sent questions to the group live. And had to forget about the tools. Someone wondered whether the reissued albums of 80s-90s (answered, that “be, if not showered film on the source phonograms”). Someone was worried about what it’s like to play without seeing the audience (Fomenko immediately counted in the hall of six cameramen and said that “maybe for their group such amount is not bad”, and Leonidov laughed that one day and they “played even before the cows”). But then wrote to the doctors and asked to dedicate a song to friends, colleagues, that that evening worked in their clinics, took tests for coronavirus. And “Secretary” have become the most serious.

he Expressed many warm words to address of doctors. Said that to comply with self-isolation, staying in the cottages. And Nikolay Fomenko also advised all to bask in the sun at least on the balconies, getting the required dose of vitamin D – personally read in one scientific studies that is very beneficial to the body during a pandemic.

Then again were hits: “Gad Smith”, “Leningrad time”… Jokes, dialogues, irony in friendly conversations… And most of all musicians entertained, of course, the question about “stars”. Responding to him, “Secretary” restless good-naturedly and laughed over each other. After all these years bits of the St. Petersburg Quartet love is not only for songs but also for a sense of humor, the ability to turn any gig drive and fancy a friendly party.

And then to them from Paris is joined by Andrew zabludovsky. Said that he had written a great song with a violin, which will definitely show everyone when I get home. Of course, Sable (his name in the group) asked about how the isolation in Paris. Was similar to the way we have. Maybe even stricter. “You can go, for example, in a bakery, but you need to fill out a paper and specify her address. And need to go definitely with your passport,” said Andrew. And then recalled that in his hands the guitar. Began cutting riffs from the song “easy rider”, asking friends to support him. So, we started to play together, and he was from Paris and the rest of St. Petersburg.

Few people noticed, how has flown more than two hours.

And when your the concert ended, I thought: cool after all that it took place. Coronavirus will one day end, and such fantastic videos remain!

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