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One of the young victims of the crown plaza last Friday morning for burial. It’s going to be the of Limburg, healthcare Isaura Castermans, less than 30. Her boyfriend, Sauro, (35), the service will be live on Facebook, as a tribute.

say goodbye to fall Sauro, hard. Himself, he had all of the necessary preparations for the afscheidsplechtigheid it via Whatsapp, or Skype, because he was also infected with the virus. At first, it seemed as if he were the burial itself, would have to attend via Skype. “But there’s really nothing to what I had been able to stop it. Isaura was my love, and I just had to say goodbye to her, take it,” he says.

alone with her

“Yesterday, if I go in to see him.” Could I have a moment alone with her. I really have virtue, be done. Today, I had to say goodbye on her behalf. I have had nothing aangekund.”

The doctor and the doctor-to-be can’t comprehend what the illness, Isaura down, and he himself was only a few days illness.

Sauro discusses how he and Isaura, as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into each other and clicked. “In bed, she had her place, and that was back in my arms. We were not on our side. In the car, on the street, it doesn’t matter, we got each other for a moment, however, this did not always go together. We had a very intense relationship.”

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