President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged citizens to live in your mind. His words are quoted by BelTA.

He stressed that he is not campaigning either for themselves or against other candidates, however, urged not to vote in presidential elections for candidates that want to bring Belarus under external management. Specific names of such candidates he did not name.

“If you, then we will defend our country and our children, if against, then look for another President,” — said the Belarusian leader. He stressed that he will not allow the country’s “independence and the revolution”.

“the Limit of revolutions exhausted, more than that — we are revolutionaries. But "Alex" we have enough. But independence is not needed. Someone from the outside it is necessary: to tilt, to weaken, to shake, and then to get to do what they want,” — said Lukashenko.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that the country’s internal Affairs, including the election campaign, is intervention. According to him, with the aim of discrediting the authorities in the Internet spread a “terrible fakes”. He cited the example of the information that his son in Switzerland allegedly stored 840 million dollars. Lukashenko noted that misinformation comes from Russia, and he intends to discuss the situation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lukashenko added that the intervention “puppeteers” in the internal Affairs of Belarus also recorded from the Polish side.

Presidential elections scheduled for 9 August. Two opponents of Lukashenko, blogger Sergei tikhanovski and former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, was arrested. This caused protests. Authorities said that bobariko were “puppeteers” of “Gazprom”.