Sentenced for fraud a woman-transgender Nazar Gulevich received 4.5 years in prison, and fears that the verdict will be fatal for her. This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Before nazara Gulevich, a native of the Republic of Belarus name was Anastasia, then she changed her passport, was given a man’s name and served in the army. After moving to Moscow, Nazar Gulevich married, but not in time to make the last and main sex change operation — 25 August 2018, he was arrested on suspicion of fraud in the business sphere, although the Supreme court has repeatedly pointed out to the judges not to detain the accused in this category of cases.

According to the convict, he was offered the post of General Director at the firm and told to sign a number of documents which, as it turned out later, turned out to be fictitious contracts.

July 27, 2020 Goulevitch sentenced. The judge ruled that Nazar was an accomplice in the crime and sentenced the Russian citizen to the deprivation of liberty. Transgender feared that to survive, he will not succeed neither in male nor in female prison.

Earlier it was reported that nazara Gulevich already refused to take in men’s and women’s prisons. First, it brought in the women’s jail No. 6, but the doctors examined the detainee, and concluded that in this prison he has no place.Then the guards took him back and drove to the men’s jail No. 3 (“Presnya”), but there after bodily examination (a mandatory procedure to record the bruises, abrasions, injury) of Gulevich refused to accept.

the First time the prisoner spent in the chamber-the chamber “sailor’s silence”, and then, it clarifies the issue, nearly two years Gulevich — in solitary confinement in a women’s prison.