the Child in Focus is not speaking about the laid-back judgement, in the case of Azriel, in the biggest legal case surrounding the Sexual exploitation of children in Belgium. “The light penalties that are kaakslag for all of the victims,” said the ceo, ” Heidi and The Others.

Tuesday morning said that the court in new jersey in the case, ‘Azriel’, filed a lawsuit against the five main characters in the biggest court case surrounding sexual abuse ever seen in this country. Child Focus is stated as a civil party in the name of all of the unidentified victims were in court, was represented by a lawyer, Kris Luyckx.

“The court has sentenced the accused of a crime, with the exceptional laid-back penalties, ranging from a detention to prison terms of 5, 6, 7, and 16 years of age, which is a big part of it was served in pretrial, and that, only half should be done. With the exception of two of the accused persons, therefore, soon got out of the feet”, is the response of Child Focus, furious.
Heidi De Pauw (Photo: Photo News

The organization, called the decision a kaakslag for all of the victims. “Just think of all the suffering that was caused. Its victims are scarred for life, and, in contrast to the perpetrators, if they are not as cheap as off of it. After 5, 6, 7, and 16 years of age (or half of it in the early release, because of the wounds they carry for the rest of their lives. This is a completely wrong signal,” said The Others.

Gruesome pictures

some of the offenders were in possession of and sharing millions of pictures and videos of defenseless children. Misbruikbeelden all of the categories. Even a new-born baby. But the violent images that children were being tied up.

in Addition, said the Child in Focus, it was not just a question of how to create and distribute content. ”They came also to the minors via social media channels, such as Omegle, and put the other adult to the sexual abuse of children, and to have made himself guilty of gross misapplication, where there is, in addition to the well-known, many unidentified victims were being abused.”

The perverten were, according to Child Focus, not even for their own sons to each other, and “to lend”. She took them on a journey to get there, undisturbed, on their way to you.

a Little guilt, meaningless

According to Child Focus, it is striking how little the realization of guilt from the perpetrators, according to a number of of them are once in a while, say, a pedophile, and there is nothing to change…“, And that worries us, of course, because of the risk of re-offending in such a case, therefore, is extremely large, and it also puts other children at risk with the potential for a victim to form,” says De Pauw.

According to Child Focus, should be that our judges are determined to continue to act and send a clear signal due to the high penalties, and the perpetrators continue to follow-up. It is, therefore, very much to be regretted that they are not currently successful, you will hear it even more.

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