Wingene –

the day after, in spite of the strict (hygiene) measures, which are to be used, coronabesmettingen defined by three staff members and five residents of a residential health care facility Amphora in West-Flanders, Wingene. One of the staff members and a resident are in the hospital, but are not in severe respiratory distress.

The first isolations of the population with symptoms in the residential care home, dating from about two weeks ago. “The concerned clusters: groups of children have been separated and, where necessary, of residents in their chamber,” says the mayor Hendrik Verkest (CD&V). As the emergency went on Saturday, after the official confirmation of the coronagevallen, even in a higher gear. “In the place of all the living groups, in isolation, to be now get all the infected residents, to be found in the same verzorgingseenheid, and with the additional control,” said the mayor.

Two of the three members of staff to stay at home on sick leave, one-third are located in the corona section of the hospital. The same is true for five of the affected residents. “The person was supposed to do with the other symptoms, but on closer examination, it was found that the patient also was infected with the Covid or 19,” says Bernard Bruggeman, who is the managing director of residential care AGREEMENTS. He stressed that no one is preliminary to the intensive care unit should be transmitted, and that it is almost exclusively in mild, and symptoms go.

“We’re going to be there, of course, to do everything possible to bring the control of this tragic epidemic,” says the mayor, Verkest, still. “In order to succeed in our mission, and we will call you again to all for the action to follow. Hands should be washed, away and at home, and that’s more important now than ever before, and the only way to save lives. Ultimate event is here in her place.”

woonzorggroep GO, it is still the first live-in care, the ten, which has, in the West of Flanders, where the corona wire is broken. “We are monitoring the actions from the beginning are much more stringent than the government deems necessary. In this context, our personnel is within two weeks surgical masks,” admits the managing director, the Weather GO so bad.