Have you been recently scammed by a virtual casino? If so, you have to be extremely cautious in your further search. Many gambling websites have been closed down by authorities due to being reported for performing fraudulent activities.

Fortunately, there are certain red flags to beware of during your search, such as casinos with no license, unreliable payout systems, low-quality customer service, slow payouts, unrealistic bonuses, a lack of user reviews, etc.

These are the seven main red flags to use as a reference.

No license

An important red flag to consider is the absence of a license. Online casinos can operate legally only by having a proper license, meaning their work is under the supervision of a regulator. Gambling websites need to prove to visitors that they have been subjected to a regulatory process. These processes are conducted by authorized agencies whose role is to protect the interest of gamblers.

While browsing through these websites, visitors should find the license credentials and verify them to ensure their money is trusted in the right hands. Even if a single player has complained about having its money taken or withheld, you should think of the casino as unsafe. Some of the countries authorized to issue gambling licenses include Belgium, Curacao, Costa Rica, Estonia, Italy, Malta, the UK, Gibraltar, etc.

Unreliable payout systems

Another red flag to pay attention to is the issues related to receiving payments. Many players experience problems of this kind while trying to withdraw their funds by transferring them from their online accounts to their e-wallets. The aim of shady casinos is to design an inconvenient system, which forces users to leave their funds on the gambling platform until they’ve spent all of them.

Betting sites are incredibly creative when it comes to causing complications to the payout process. The more they prolong the payout, the higher the chances for players to keep on gambling until no money is left. Potential players should try to understand how the payout system works prior to depositing the first sum.

Nevertheless, most betting sites tend to change the protocols following the first withdrawal. They ensure the initial withdrawal runs smoothly only to make the next attempts far more complicated. Therefore, reading the fine print should be obligatory for gamblers, as such information is disclosed in this section.

The most frequent payout issues include payments only made in cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin, and absurdly high minimum withdrawal amounts, as high as $500. Read here about the history and types of risk associated with Bitcoin.  Recently, some sites have introduced a peer-to-peer system for cashouts, which involves another person having to purchase your credit. Several minutes of research is more than enough to avoid frustration and anger in the future.

Bad customer service

Another red flag to beware of is the low quality of customer service. Online casinos must have customer service representatives who players can contact in the event of having a problem with the website. Individuals should feel that casinos are interested in caring for their players by being available and prepared to address their queries at any time.

Normally, you can’t expect the customer service centers of online casinos to provide top-notch assistance, such as reaching out to players even before they encounter an issue. Hence, prospective players should locate the customer service section on the site and decide whether the team of support is accessible. The least that gambling operators can offer to customers is a line, which they can contact facing account problems.

Unrealistic bonuses

Another red flag that you should watch out for is the offer of unrealistic bonuses, which are too good to be true. Shady online casinos offer unbelievable financial perks, which are specially designed to attract the attention of gamblers. Bonuses are typically used by gambling sites when individuals sign up or following their money deposit.


Nevertheless, bonuses that are too generous shouldn’t be trusted irrespective of how appealing they seem. For instance, you shouldn’t trust unrealistic offers of a thousand dollars given as a bonus by gambling providers. Instead of falling for the trick, you need to move to another platform immediately.

Slow payouts

Slow payouts are a common red flag that gamblers should keep in mind when playing at a virtual casino. If your payments take a while to be released, such as several weeks, you are probably getting scammed. Established online casinos release payments no later than a few days, some of them even cashing out the funds of gamblers on the same day of earning them.

Regarding payouts, gambling sites practice another form of a shady scenario, like charging high withdrawal fees of twenty-five percent. It means that you’ll be charged twenty-five percent of your winnings as a fee. Consequently, you need to stay away from online casinos offering limited payment methods. These operators should accept various forms of payment, such as online bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Not many online reviews

While doing your research, you’re suggested to look up user reviews, which reveal additional information about gambling providers. If looking to play in a casino utan svensk licens, search for a casino without a break reviews. Word of mouth is of vital importance when evaluating the reputation of betting sites. Ten minutes are more than enough to conduct a quick search on Google and go through some reviews. Sites that have no reviews or not many reviews should be regarded as unreliable.

New in the market

Although this isn’t necessarily a red flag, new names in the market are considered more suspicious than those existing for at least several years. Fraudulent sites thrive no longer than a year, meaning you should select a site with a longer history of operation. If possible, select a gambling website that has been present in the industry for between five and ten years.


The above-mentioned red flags will prove of assistance to every gambler.

Don’t skip any of them!