since the middle of March 2020 rumors about Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich are circulating. In the case of Instagram you commented on each other’s pictures and were pretty flirty. He’s your new friend? At the latest since Instagram Live Video by Ehrich, in which the singer had a involuntary Surprise, it is clear that the two are pretty close.

In the Video, Max Ehrich sits enters on a piano, and Demi Lovato, in a ceiling the image is wrapped. “I’m live”, to whisper to her of the young actor in a whisper and they both giggle, embarrassed. The 27-Year-old was quickly out of the dust, but remained by the Fans does not go unnoticed.

Already, a few days ago Lovato had a flirt comment to a Black-and-White photo of Max without a shirt on to leave. “If you realize that you should pack for the quarantine stay longer had,” wrote the 28-Year-old to the photo, but Demi explained: “For me, okay.”

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it is exactly this Max Ehrich is actually? Here are five facts about Demi Lovato’s new friend come!

Max Ehrich: 5 facts about Demi Lovato’s new friend

1. He is an actor

in addition to the presentation of Fenmore Baldwin in the TV Soap “The Young and the Restless,” was he also in “Under the Dome” and “American Princess”, and in “Ugly Betty” and “iCarly”.

2. He is a talented singer

Max Ehrich has a great singing voice. In the case of Instagram, he posts many Videos of himself Singing and playing Music.

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3. He is in voluntary self-isolation – with Demi

The fresh Couple in love isolated currently together. 24. March 2020 published by Max Ehrich, a Video in his Insta-Story, in which he snuggles with Demi Lovato’s puppy Batman and Ella. At the latest since then, they seem to be due to the Coronavirus to avoid danger along the contact to the other.

4. He is a former Disney Star

just like Demi Max a former Disney Star. In 2010, he starred in “Shake It Up” alongside Zendaya and Bella Thorne. In addition, he worked as a Background dancer in “High School Musical 3” active.

5. He had a Stalker, and a

in 2018, told Max Ehrich “TMZ for Online safety” that he was hunted for two months in the case of Instagram””. He reported that he was looking at a property, as the broker has a grip. Ehrich said, as he rejected the sexual advance of the man’s back, that pointing a gun at him. The actor believes that the broker was the same Person who had followed him online. After this incident, he hired security personnel. He also warned his followers in the social media, always careful with the information you post online.

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