the child Needs a good book? Here it is possible to choose between reading the captivating stories on paper or screen, or to hear them as audiobook.

Here are three good lesetips to three different age groups.

It buzzes in the reeds Photo: Omnipax publishing

Author: Kenneth Grahame
Illustrator: David Roberts
Suitable for: The smallest (6-10 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

the Story of the incorrigible Padda from Paddeborg is just as fresh as when it came out for just over a hundred years ago. Padda has sky-high thoughts about their own excellence, therefore ports he is still in the tough situations. The animals in this story all have human characteristics whether they are badgers, rats or moles.

Grahame toys with our expectations of how both animals and people to behave. It is warm, timeless, exciting, and fun. A proper classic.

Bows Gruff at the water park Photo: Cappelen Damm

Author: Bear. F. Rørvik
Illustrator: Gry Moursund
Suitable for: The smallest (4-6 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

Bildebøkene about Bows Fizz, which has also been theatre , in Bjørn F. Rørvik and Gry Moursunds new guise become modern classics. Of the old tale spinner the new stories about how the three bows to trick the horrid troll.

This is frantic and inventive. Moursunds illustrations crackle with energy. Rørviks text is in the middle of the target for read out loud. New book in the series is just around the corner.

Eight small, two large and a truck Photo: Gyldendal forlag

Author: Anne-Cath. Vestly
Illustrator: Hans Jørgen Sandnes
Suitable for: The smallest (4-8 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

In the year is 100 years since Anne-Cath. Vestly was born. Then it is completely appropriate to the memory of why she is almost been folkeeie: her Books are down-to-earth, but still exciting, forthright, but also with room for wonder. From Anne-Cath. Vestly is Morten Minstemanns experiences of the world as innforlivet portrayed as grandma’s.

Vestly gives the main characters their just so many challenges that those with a little effort can clear them. No one reading her books as well as her own, so: the Audiobook is recommended.

Buffy the City’s talented Photo: Cappelen Damm

Author: Ingeborg Arvola
Illustrator: Nora Brech
Suitable for: The middle (8-12 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

Eleven-year-old Buffy City, to write the autobiography at the school. What does she do with all and a hug for Buffy is a girl who doesn’t let themselves stop the of that the family is poor. Pengemangelen stimulates the on the contrary to the creativity and vigor. But what does she do when she finds out that she is a alpintalent? Alpine skiing is not the cheapest sport …

This is a supersjarmerende story about a girl who does not give up. Written with warmth and profit. Ingeborg Arvola was just Examples literature prize for the book.

On a detour home Photo: Gyldendal

Author: Would Kamfjord
Illustrator: Rune Markhus
Suitable for: The medium (10-12 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

Vinde is on the way to Lillehammer from Oslo. But is she not too small to travel alone? On the train harbours she by the side of Britt, who is an adult, and along the way they talk about much they might never have told anyone else before.

“The detour home” is a lovely and experimental barneroman . Original enough consists the book only by the dialogues. Typography makes that we can see who is speaking. Rune Markhus illustrations makes us feel that we constantly are moving, we are with on the train ride. And along the way we become a little wiser.

the murderer’s ape Photo: Cappelen Damm

Writer and illustrator: Jacob Wegelius
Suitable for: The middle (8-12 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

There is not a man who tells this story, but monkey Sally Jones. She is a magician with computers and get a job as a machinist on a boat with the man she only calls the Chief. But what about when the Chief is arrested, accused for murder? Sally Jones embarks on a journey to the other side of the earth to prove him.

This is one of the most adventurous books I have read in the last few years. Both the story and the illustrations pull the reader into an unknown world where you only want to remain, for a long time! Entertaining and educational at the same time. Wegelius received the Nordic council’s prize for the best children’s and ungdomsbok for “the murderer’s monkey” .

All I owe you is beating Photo: Gyldendal forlag

Author: Arne Bend
Suitable for: The largest (13 -16 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

Can a book called the hard-hitting, so it must surely be this. 17-year-old Herman likes to fight. But there is a reason he turns. Is it possible to break out of a violent spiral?

Not infrequently allows Arne Bend their parents ‘ sins haunt the children. The parents may drink, they may have little money, they may neglect their children, or they can turn.

Svingens rough language suits the theme. It may seem dark, but the stories his rarely without hope . A message can be: There is help, but it’s up to you if you will accept this help or not.

Turtles all the way down the Photo: Gyldendal

Author: John Green
Suitable for: The largest (13 -16 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

John Green is one of the world’s most-read ungdomsbokforfattere. The american is the man behind “The fault in our stars”, which, like several other of his books have been a popular movie.

In the “Turtles all the way down”, he writes about 16-year-old Aza Holmes, who is manic busy of bacteria and infections. Obsessions is about to overpower her. Is it possible to be friend with himself and the environment and dare to live a normal life?

Green has written a good kjærlighetsroman that takes up a acute topical theme; how obsessive-compulsive disorder inhibits self-expression.

Flaggermusmusikk Photo: Aschehoug forlag

Author: Tyra Teodora Tronstad
Suitable for: The largest (13 -16 years)
Available in both audiobook and ebook

What kind of infection we should be afraid of in these virustider? Can parasites from animals change the genes completely?

16-year-old Ellen is growing up with a mother who is more than normally interested in the bats. It becomes so all-consuming that she even need to go to sleep in winter. Ellen must fend for themselves, and not at least take care of her little brother.

This is a mysterious and musical fable about the interaction between people and nature. It is sinister, but bearing, nevertheless, a subdued beauty in themselves. It is not to forundres that Tyra Teodora Tronstad just received the Critic’s prize for best children’s and ungdomsbok from 2019.

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By Andrea Kvamme Hagen