Good enough is the ‘Luksusfælden’-participant Anders from the town of Thisted is only 24 years old. But he already has a shipwrecked marriage.

In Tuesday’s edition of the program tells the young nordjyde that, at the time of filming was a year and a half ago he was married. Nine months into the marriage he went to Norway to work, and four months after the arrival to the Norwegian, he was divorced.

But even though the marriage has not lasted long, reaching Anders and his ekshustru to use several crowns. Much of the money came from loans. In Anders’ name.

“Me and my ex-girlfriend made quite many loans. Both payday loans, consumer loans, car loans. And this is all something that has been established in my name,” he says in the program.

“I’m not paying on my debt, because I simply can’t fathom how much there is and how many there should be. I feel just do not, there is money for the end of the month.”

In all, there were during the marriage constituted 13 payday loans, and factored in to the debt from these, owe Anders almost 400,000 crowns away.

instead of getting the debt to life, using Donald approximately 70 hours per week on computer games, which cost him dearly. Also, he spends money on pizza, candy, ice cream and cola. In fact, he may easily drink up to three two-liter bottles of coke a day, he says.

In the program meetings also Donald’s mother, Maibritt, who is concerned for his son’s sønderlemmede economy.

“If he does not get the help of the ‘Luksusfælden’, I am sure that he will just let it be. I don’t think he will get a grip on anything though,” sounds it.

‘Luksusfældens’ experts, Carsten Linnemann and Kenneth Hansen, would very much like to help, but the former not only demands to the young man with the ruined economy.

He also requires that Maibritt begins to cheer on his son, for otherwise he never comes out of the debt, believes the expert.

Whether it succeeded in the experts to help Anders in the right way, you can see in Tuesday’s section on Viaplay and TV3 at 20.