Another 20 CT centers, which hosted the diagnosis of patients with suspected COVID-19, return to the outpatient reception of citizens. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow in Government of Moscow on issues of social development.

In the capital earned 45 outpatient CT centers clinics

In April, on the basis of city polyclinics were set up special outpatient CT centers where patients with SARS, community-acquired pneumonia and suspected coronavirus conduct research for accurate diagnosis. Since outpatient CT centers conducted more than 185 thousand studies. This is almost two times more than the number of lung CT scan conducted in clinics for the whole of last year.

Thanks to the 48 CT centers it became possible to identify the complications provoked by infections, early and quickly begin treatment, and if necessary to hospitalize the patient in the hospital. Research conducted at the CT centers are not limited to computer tomography. Patients with suspected coronavirus, also make a General analysis of blood, ECG testing COVID-19.

Before returning 20 outpatient CT centers to normal operation they will conduct disinfection of premises in accordance with sanitary-epidemiological norms. The entire medical staff will pass the necessary examinations. The clinic will return to our scheduled patients.

12 CT-centers returned to planned patients

Previously 12 outpatient CT centers have already returned to their former work schedule. Currently in Moscow operates 16 CT centers.

soon another 20 medical institutions will begin the planning with patients. Among them:

— polyclinic № 175, street Chelyabinsk, house 16, building 2;

— POLIKLINIKA № 191, Altai street, building 13;

the clinic No. 69, 2-ya Vladimirskaya street, building 31A;

— POLIKLINIKA No. 195, street Krylatsky Hills, the house 51;

— kliniko-diagnosticheskiy Tsentr № 4, street Krylatsky Hills, the house 3

the clinic No. 209, street Ramenki, house 29;

— POLIKLINIKA № 45, 5-th voykovskiy proezd, house 12;

— the polyclinic № 6, street Vucheticha, house 7b,

— POLIKLINIKA № 12, street Academician Komarova, house 5, building 1;

— polyclinic № 218, proezd Shokal’skogo, Dom 8, stroenie 1;

— polyclinic № 180, uvarovskiy pereulok, Dom 4;

— the polyclinic № 5, Daev pereulok, 3, building 1;

— POLIKLINIKA № 3, Ermolaevsky lane, the house 22/26, building 1;

— patient clinic № 46, Kazakova street, house 17A;

— the polyclinic № 68, ulitsa Malaya Yakimanka, 22, building 1;

— POLIKLINIKA № 166, Domodedovskaya street, building 9;

— POLIKLINIKA No. 170, street of Podolsk Cadets, the house 2, building 2;

the clinic No. 23, street Aviakonstruktora Milya, Dom 6, korpus 1;

— polyclinic № 36, street new Marinsky, the house 3

— diagnostic clinical centre No. 1, ulitsa Miklukho-Maklaya, house 29, building 2.

the centre computerized tomography CT scan centers has spent more than 180 thousand studies over the period of the pandemic.

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease is possible by phone of hot line: +7 (495) 870-45-09 (daily from 08:00 to 21:00), as well as in special projects