It’s the first sunny weekend we went to the Ghent police to some pressure. In addition to the 194 coronapv’s left of the 76 offenders to pay the penalty. Well, for 19,000 euro to a three-day period of time.

“Unfortunately, we continue to find that some of the people are still in the car, since he wants that the people do together for barbecues or parties in the home-organize,” says Ghent’s police force, which is a busy weekend we had. Since last Friday, there were 49 warnings will be given, but there were also 194 of the solar corona-solar pv’s will be issued. The majority of these, 102 were non-essential travel.

The police had on several occasions warned that they are more stringent were to occur with an immediate out of court settlements work. Of the 76 offenders would be able to about it knows what this is like. Each of the they paid a fine of € 250, for a total amount of eur 19,000 for three days.

in Addition to all of the coronacontroles run to the police and their ‘regular’ work. For example, a driver is mounted, which 1,77 per cent in his blood. “His driver’s license had been revoked and was no longer allowed on the track”, what it sounds like. “Among others, turned out to be the time of registration of the vehicle is not to be there, too, there was a man in the side, set over-speed.”

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