A police officer was on Saturday afternoon hosted directly up in the face of a fellow citizen.

the Incident unfolded in Korsør, after Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police had dissolved a larger gathering of people.

The writing Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police in his sample daily report.

In total there was 50 people gathered in a green area of Dublin, why the police were called in, as it is, as you know, is not allowed to be combined into larger assemblies due to the coronavirus.

the Resolution, however, fell not on good ground at all. A 17-year-old young man from the congregation thus went up to a cop and hosted him directly in the face.

Subsequently tried the young man to cover his face to not to be recognized.

The 17-year-old man has been charged with violating the ordensbekendtgørelsen and maskeringsforbuddet, it appears in the døgnrapporten.

In the just completed weekend was also two cops in Aarhus hosted in the face. The offence was committed by a 20-year-old man, who, after his arrest the thrust of the from the police and now is wanted. You can read more about here.