The death of 16-year-old Julie, shocked not only their family, but the whole of France. She is the first young victims there that died of the consequences of a Covid-19-disease.

In Belgium, died a youth, there was infected a 12-year-old girl with the Coronavirus. If the girl had pre-existing conditions, is not yet known.

the 16-year-old Julie is, however, that they had no pre-existing conditions. She was young and athletic. “She only had a cough,” said her mother in French media. First of all, it all started innocently. But within days, her condition had worsened so dramatically that the Doctors could not save her.

The French health Ministry stated that she died of a particularly severe Form of the Coronavirus, in young people “extremely rare”. Her sister Manon speaks with the newspaper “Le Parisien” about the fact that no one is immune to the “mutating Virus”.

Virus mutates – but not necessarily dangerous

the Virus can also mutate as many other viruses, is correct. However, this does not necessarily mean that this is for the people of dangerous. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) declared: “There’s always the possibility that viruses change genetically. Mutations change but not automatically the properties of the Virus.“

Add to that Sars is CoV-2 “mutation lazy”. Scientists who examined the genetic Code of the new type of pathogen, and that this Coronavirus mutates hardly. It has so far developed no different, dangerous, or particularly deadly strains.

The death of 16-year-old Frenchwoman is tragic, no question about it – to complain about how every single death is. However, no misunderstandings should arise. It is true that young people can develop and a severe course have. For this, an aggressive Form of the Virus, however, is not responsible.

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study: A quarter of the children showed no symptoms

“Extremely rare” is the Form of the Virus, but that children and adolescents develop at all difficult to Covid-19. Because mostly Younger, infect and can thus be used to Vectors, show but few or no symptoms. A new study from China shows.

medical experts from the coastal province of Zhejiang, observed patients, who were housed in three different clinics. They published their results in the journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases”.

Among the patients, only 36 (5%) children and young people in the age from one year to sixteen years of age. A quarter of the children showed no symptoms, the disease had been identified only because they had had contact with an infected Person.

In the case of a computer tomography the doctors accounted for about half of the children are typical signs of a pneumonia. Around a third suffered from fever, had a temperature of 38.5° Celsius or higher. Only in the case of every fifth child, the Doctors noticed a dry cough. Other typical symptoms such as neck pain or redness of the pharynx is not a defendant in the young patients, however.

children were after 14 days again,

dismiss The Doctors, the disease was treated in all children aggressive, six of the young patients were given oxygen, even if only one complained of shortness of breath.

Mechanical ventilation none of the children had to be. As the professionals have to say, recovered all of the young patients, and were discharged after an average of 14 days from the clinic.

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