EgyptAir Flight will take from Moscow to the Egyptians, and from Cairo will be back stuck in Egypt, the Russians. The Egyptian national airline of the first of may will perform four flights to get their citizens forced to remaining abroad in connection with the termination of flights between the countries because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

“the Scheduled flights to Moscow and Washington. In addition, a subsidiary AirCairo will make two trips to Kiev. On departing to the Russian capital flight MSR729 will be able to return home and stuck in Egypt, the citizens of Russia living in Moscow, St. Petersburg and located near the two capitals cities,” writes TASS with reference to the Egyptian information portal.

According to the Russian Embassy in Cairo, on the flight invited 150 people. In the list of passengers included the elderly, pregnant women and those who are in an emergency and need to get home. According to diplomats, the arrival of people will determine the observation in the suburbs and after the mandatory quarantine they can get in other regions, including Dagestan, Stavropol and the Crimea.

Quarantine measures in Egypt have been extended until the end of may, air transportation remains closed. In the country there are more than 5.5 thousand people infected with mers died from complications of nearly 400 people. The outbreak of a new viral disease was registered in the end of December 2019, in Central China. According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the world of coronavirus infected more than three million people.