After the violent death of a 15-Year-olds in Celle, the alleged attacker has not spoken to the motive for the deed. “There is as yet no evidence of a political Background or a racist Motivation. We expect to continue to have a mental illness at the man,” said Prosecutor Lars Janssen.

On Saturday announced the police that “the personal environment as well as the Social Media Accounts of the 29-Year-old shines through” will be. Already on Thursday the time had reported on the “Online” that three of the Social Media Accounts of the alleged offender “occupied a vicinity to extreme right-wing conspiracy ideologies”. The police have confirmed that it was the holder of the accounts the Suspect.

The victim is a 15-year-old jesidischer Kurd, who came with his family from Iraq to Germany. According to the police, to him, the suspects on Tuesday evening for no reason with a knife stabbed when he drove past random on his bike to the 29-year-old man. Due to the suspicion of manslaughter was passed on Wednesday evening arrest warrant against the alleged attackers.

Psychiatric evaluation will shed light

give more Precise information to give a psychiatric opinion about the Celle-born accused. “In such a situation, the commissioning of such a report is the usual practice,” said chief Prosecutor Janssen.

Several groups, including jesidische clubs, accused of the Prosecutor’s office on Friday in a joint statement, a possible racist Background with reference to the alleged mental illness of small talk. “Mental illness is not a contradiction for ideological motives,” it said in the statement.